Kai Samezu (Super Sentai: Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger)

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Kai Samezu
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How'd we go from Ayase to this asshole?!!?, seriously what happened?
Gender: Male
Type: Unsympathetic, Immature Teenager
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Takeru Shibaki
Status: Alive

Dead (Originally)

Media of origin: Super Sentai: Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger

Kai Samezu (鮫津 海 Samezu Kai) is GaoBlue (ガオブルー Gao Burū) of the Gaorangers.

Why He Sucks So Bad

  1. He's constantly annoying towards his teammates, and he is the most immature male Gaoranger member.
  2. He has the fewest Power Animals among the Gaorangers, and it's even unexplained why Kai never had a third power animal during the show's run or about its whereabouts and where could Kai find it, instead all he ever got as a new power animal was GaoGiraffe.
  3. He did mean things towards his teammates, for example:
    • He was the reason why Sotaro was a bit insecure and most of his confidence after an injury during their ghost hunt and even said to Sotaro to do things on his own, however, it was nothing but an accident when he got injured, and afterward he ran away stating that if Sotaro apologizes he will not forgive him, over an incident that is possibly set up by him in the first place.
    • He took his teasing too far towards Sae turning into an airheaded mocking, whereas Gaku only stated that Sae's dad will be disappointed in her, and Sotaro stating that if she keeps repeating her actions all over again, she'd never meet her prince, however, that is not the case with Kai he took things too far not only did he teased Sae he stated that why is a teenage girl a gaoranger and calling her a rookie and mocking repeatedly, and when his Juuohken was stolen his excuse was Sae's sword was stolen, and when Gaku stated that Kai went a bit too far Kai said he was only kidding, well your joke was really funny to the point it irritated and tarnished someone's feeling and what's worse is that Kai didn't even bother to sincerely apologize to Sae he just said a simple Sorry to her, where a sorry isn't acceptable for giving Sae a hard time on herself.
  4. He gets no character development whatever his character development is so little to the point that it wasn't a character development at all, being the fact that he's tired of being treated as a kid, and standing up to his teammates proving that he can do things in his own, however, he reverts back into his old nature of always relying on Sotaro most of the time and never acts his real age most of the time.
  5. His apparent death could be a bit traumatizing for younger audiences.
  6. He is very reckless and barely cares about his surroundings, he is willing to attack barely caring about his teammates, and is one of the reasons why his life was temporarily taken away by Ura.
  7. He tends to make really unfunny forced jokes.
  8. It seems he never takes any criticism from his members.
  9. Much like one of his successors, He even admitted he thinks of himself as the most useless member of the group.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. He did encourage Sotaro to never give up on life because of his fear of heights, stating that you can't hit reset on life as it is not a video game and thus helping Sotaro overcome his fear of heights and bearing a friendship/brother-like relationship with him.
  2. Despite being a bit traumatizing and brutal, his apparent death is still very emotional.