Kagura Izumi (Super Sentai: Ressha Sentai ToQger)

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"I am strong! I am strong!"

Kagura Izumi (泉 神楽 Izumi Kagura) is ToQ 5gou (トッキュウ5号 Tokkyū Go-gō, ToQ #5), the Pink Ranger of the ToQgers.

Why She Used To Not Be Really Useful (Why She Used To Suck)

  1. Her so-called imagination catchphrase "I am strong! I am strong!" will get on your last nerves.
  2. She is the one most openly scared of the enemies, but faces them all the same.
  3. Her individual pose and roll call pose was a more ridiculous version of ToQ 2gou.
  4. She was very downplayed sometimes.
  5. She takes her relationship with Right Suzuki way too far.
  6. She can lose sight of reality and forget about her body's limitations.
  7. She had an unhealthy obsession with her Imagination and Pretending.
Kagura Izumi as ToQ 5gou

Redeeming Qualities

  1. She is somewhat more tolerable than Fuuka Igasaki.
  2. Her design was cute.
  3. She still means well, even for Super Sentai standards.


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