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    K1 (The Autobots)
    You realized Cars 2 was a bad movie?
    Just wait until you see this!
    Gender: Male
    Type: Lightning McQueen Bootleg
    Species: Race Car
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: The Autobots

    K1 (also known as K-1 with a hyphen/dash (-) symbol), is the main protagonist of the infamous 2015 Chinese mockbuster film The Autobots.

    Why He Doesn't Win

    NOTE: As further mentioned, most of these problems and/or issues were carried over from the latter three and the rest of the other characters.

    1. Like with K2 (K-2) and K3 (K-3), the producers didn't even bother to change his character design much as his design is obviously very (extremely) similar to Lightning McQueen, so he is still identifiable, except he loosely resembles a male non-Brazillian version of Carla Veloso, a racer from the aforementioned country, and which the film The Autobots tries to rip-off specifically, Cars 2.
      • In addition, on the poster, not to mention that his expression is basically the same exact identical as Lightning McQueen on the poster of the actual Cars 2.
        • The second poster of the film also has a mirrored (or inverted sideways) version of McQueen's artwork from the first Cars film. Even the "Lightyear" tire text was still present.
    2. Thanks to the terrible racing scenes, his car physics are completely unrealistic, and his tire models are stupid.
    3. His movements are very strange as random parts of his body stretch and shrink.
      • He has also little-to-no lip syncing.
    4. His personalities are practically unidentifiable, even by standard bootleg movies.
    5. His lazy voice acting can be barely understood, even for viewers who speak Chinese. The audio quality is inconsistent; it sounds like an actor recorded on a different microphone.
    6. He's just as bad as Sparky from the Car's Life series, another Cars-based rip-off.
    7. Just like with all of the other characters of the film, his design is so unappealing to look at.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. Just like with most characters in the film (especially from the said quartet of the other two), his stretching and shrinking can be funny sometimes.
    2. In the poster, despite being ripped and used as false advertising, his design is way better than in the actual film.


    • Fun fact: He was the second Cars-based mockbuster character to be a red color. The first other being Sparky from the Car's Life series.
      • Coincidentally, even more interestingly enough, they are both the main protagonists of the two same films. Also, if you count the inspirations of Cars for other media, these include Roary the Racing Car from the show of the same name, and Blaze from Blaze and the Monster Machines.
        • Although while the following media (sadly) isn't really an actual series, it is an official YouTube-exclusive media including "Bob McCharlie" from Inventif's unnamed clip "Talking Truck", a dark red pickup truck. The aforementioned character seems to be loosely based on and inspired by an empty, and more generic 2018 Ford F-150.[1] There are even two other colors of the same model, black and blue.
    • If not affective by the film's quality, he resembles a male non-Brazillian version of Carla Veloso, a racer from the said country in Cars 2.


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