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    Juniper Montage is a female character from My Little Pony: Equestria Girls. She is Canter Zoom’s niece and is voiced by Ali Liebert.

    Why She Doesn't Deserve to Become an Actress of Daring Do

    1. She is a spoiled brat who wanted to become an actress in Daring Do.
    2. She ruined her uncle’s movie by stealing the relics.
    3. She became evil for an extremely long pathetic reason: Just because her uncle, Canter Zoom, didn’t make her an actress for the upcoming Daring Do movie.
    4. She tried to frame Chestnut Magnifico (the actress of Daring Do) for stuff she didn't do so that she could get fired so that Juniper could try to be the actress of Daring Do.
    5. She uses her magic mirror and traps the Mane 7. While the mirror was starting to break apart, Juniper almost got the Mane 7 killed.
    6. She has a generic mean girl personality.
    7. She acts pretty childish.
    8. In "Mirror Magic", she was shown to be a stupid antagonist who tried to seek revenge on the Mane 7 for a petty reason.
    9. Her empowered giant form design is pretty generic and mediocre.
    10. Despite getting punished in "Movie Magic", she got off easy for her actions in "Mirror Magic", making her a Karma Houdini in the latter episode.
    11. Her motivation and endgame relate to how delusional and immature she is. She wants to play the leading role in a movie, despite having zero acting experience; wants to get rid of the lead actress because she's jealous, and doesn't seem to understand that the movie was more likely to be shut down via her actions.
    12. Her voice (while okay) can be grating most of the time, especially when she yells.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. Except for her empowered giant form, her regular character design is good.
    2. She apologized to the Mane 7 and Starlight Glimmer for her actions.
    3. Her excited face was adorable when she was talking to Sci-Twi and Rainbow Dash when she first met them.
    4. Despite her grating voice as mentioned above in WSD'tDTBAAODD#12, Ali Liebert did an okay job voicing her.


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