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    Junior Healy (Problem Child)

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    "You are, you stupid dick!"

    Junior Healy is the 7 to 8-year-old juvenile delinquent anti-hero protagonist of the Problem Child trilogy and the animated TV series.

    In the first and second movie, he was played by Michael Oliver; in the third movie, he was played by Justin Chapman.

    Why He's Truly a Problem Child

    1. He annoys assholes and treats them like they're supposed to be treated.
    2. He does property damage like at the start of the first movie he drives a bulldozer over a trailer. In fact, he was returned in the orphanage 30 times!
    3. He does cruel things to animals., he fed a cat with a perfume and in one scene he splinters the cat's legs. Talk about animal cruelty!
    4. He breaks every rule he gets.
    5. The infamous scene where he urinates to extinguish a fire. There is another scene in the first movie at the start where he pees on a mother and one in the second movie where he urinates in a lemonade jar.
    6. He says profane words
    7. He beats everyone who insults him for example in the first movie he beats everyone in a baseball game and in the third movie he beats everyone at a hockey They deserved it.
    8. Also in the first movie he wrote a message to the bowtie killer who Junior thinks that he is he's father figure.
    9. In the second movie, he changed Lawanda's blood with a rabbit's dog blood and also changed her chart for a plastic surgery.She deserved it
    10. In the first movie, he ruined a birthday. The spoiled girl deserved it.
    11. He drove his dad's car and crash the entire store and made his dad pay for all the damage.
    12. He lies to almost everyone and hides he's secrets.He hid that he actually loves his adopted father who was the only one to ever love him and treat him like a person.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. He does apologize at the end of the first movie to lil' Ben and throw's his bowtie away.
    2. He does somewhat Redeem himself later on.
    3. His appearance is cute.
    4. Despite his attitude toward others, he truly does care for those around him but hides it by acting like a huge jerk towards everybody.
    5. He can come off as sympathetic, as evidenced to how many of the other kids treat him, such examples include being outcasted from the magic show in the first film (despite getting back at the kids who outcasted him afterward) but still, and being teased of at a baseball game in said film.
    6. Michael Oliver and Justin Chapman do OK jobs playing Junior.


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