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    Junior (Monica and Friends)

    Gender: Male
    Type: Brazilian Spoiled Brat
    Age: 4
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Kevin Rodriguez/Vyny Takahashi (formerly)

    Ma Zink (currently)

    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Monica and Friends/Monica's Gang

    Dudu/Junior is a character from the Brazilian comic book series Turma da Mônica. He was originally introduced in 1989 as Maggy's spoiled neighbor and later cousin.

    Why He (Mostly Intentionally) Needs To Feed

    1. He hates eating for seemingly no reason, when he was just Maggy's neighbor, he just liked to eating candy, but when he became Maggy's cousin, he didn't eat nothing.
    2. He always torture his "friends" this is most notable in episodes like "Shuttle" and also when he lied to Smudge's mother that he smacked him, but in reality, Smudge didn't do anything to him and Smudge's mother didn't believe him, and also irritating his own cousin Maggy.
    3. In the stories of Emerson de Abreu, he became much worse in being a bratty kid,
    4. He rarely gets punished, becoming a Karma Houdini.
    5. In the animated series, his voice is a bit annoying, depending of your opinion.
    6. Flanderization: He has gone from a character who didn't like to eat, but was quite funny, tolerable and very good in the old stories for a very annoying, stubborn and disobedient boy in today's stories, this flanderization is similar to Rose from SML.
    7. His dad Mr. Durval acts exactly like him, influencing bad him.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. Junior's design is cute and decent.
    2. He can be a likable character sometimes, even after his flanderization, specially in stories that wasn't made by Emerson de Abreu.
      • There are still a handful of people who like him despite his flaws.
    3. Despite being a Karma Houdini, he can get punished sometimes.
    4. His original voice in the cartoon by Vyni Takahashi can be cute, depending on your point of view.
      1. Ma Zink did a better job voicing him.
    5. In the old stories, he arguably was a pretty good character, because he wasn't portrayed as an immature brat.
      1. Along with Milena, he surpringsly was more tolerable in Monica's Gang: Lessions.
      2. It's possible that Mauricio/Emerson de Abreu purposely flanderized him for the public sympathize with the gang, succeeding Seu Juca's stories when the gang (the four main characters) tries to help him, but they strangely acts (although unintentionally) like Junior.


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