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    Julian (Ice Age: Collision Course)

    "Come on, Bro-Dad. Bring it in".
    Gender: Male
    Type: Generic and bland boyfriend
    Age: Young adult
    Species: Mammoth
    Portrayed by: Adam DeVine
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Ice Age
    First appearance: Ice Age: Collision Course

    Julian is a character introduced in Ice Age: Collision Course, he is Peaches' husband and Manny and Ellie's son-in-law. He was portrayed by Adam DeVine.

    Not-So-Positive Qualities

    1. First of all, the character is introduced out of nowhere as if they already knew him before instead of introducing him, which causes nothing to be known about him.
    2. Outside of being Peaches' love interest and being positive about everything, Julian lacks any kind of personality making him another case of a bland love interest.
    3. His existence makes the love triangle of Peaches, Louis, and Ethan in the 4th movie a total nonsense since neither of the last two stayed with her.
    4. There are times where his positive attitude about everything becomes cloyingly annoying.
    5. Idiot Move: He almost gives Ellie flowers when he was going to give them to Peaches.
    6. He falls into the "future son-in-law who is trying his best" cliché.
    7. Julian tries to be the mammoth version of Johnny from Hotel Transylvania but he lacks of Johnny's charisma, while Adam DeVine did a decent voice, feels like he's trying to replicate Andy Samberg's voice.
    8. In the Latin American dub, he was played by German Garmendia, the problem with that is that it feels more like he's the mammoth version of German Garmendia than anything else, also, his voice sounds like he's congested.

    Positive Qualities

    1. Despite everything said, Julian didn't do anything intentionally wrong.
    2. As mentioned in NSPQ#7, Adam DeVine did a decent job voicing him.
    3. The scene where Manny finally accepts Julian and they work together to deflect the asteroid is very emotional.
    4. His design is pretty cool as a brown mammoth and fits the Ice Age franchise pretty well and greatly.


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