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    Jules-Pierre Mao
    File:TheExpanse-Godspeed-FrancoisChau as JulesPierreMao
    Gender: Male
    Type: Mass-Murderer, Mad Scientist, Hypocrite
    Age: Possibly 60s
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Francois Chau
    Status: Alive (Novel Series, incarcerated)
    Deceased (TV Series)
    Media of origin: The Expanse
    First appearance: The Big Empty (TV Series)
    Leviathan Wakes (Novel Series)
    Last appearance: Intransigence (TV Series, flashback)
    Abbadon's Gate (Novel Series, Mentioned)

    Jules-Pierre Mao is a fictional character in the novel and television series The Expanse, portrayed by Francois Chau, he serves as a primary antagonist of the series in the first two books and the first three seasons of the television series.


    Jules-Pierre Mao is a major business magnate in the Solar System, being one of the owners of the Mao-Kwikowski Mercantile company along with shares in Star Helix Securities. He begins research into the infamous Protomolecule, a type of organism capable of sentient thought, but largely deadly to humans, pursuing it with such fervor that he's willing to infect the colony of Eros and test subjects to learn it's purpose. With his wife, he's had several children, most notably his prodigal daughter, Julie Mao, and his approval-seeking daughter Clarissa Mao.

    Why He Sucks

    1. He is practically a scientific psychopath who's willing to not only test the Protomolecule on people who will certainly die, but do it at any cost, even if it puts the entire human race at risk and causes a war (which it does).
    2. He claims to value his children, but that's a dirty lie as he outright infects his own daughter, Julie, with the Protomolecule without her consent, and doesn't seem to care that that has major consequences for literally hundreds of thousands of people.
    3. He does countless terrible things to many people, outright committing mass genocide just for his research.
      1. As mentioned before, he intentionally infects Julie with the Protomolecule, causing her death and leading to Eros being infected, killing more than 100,000 innocent people. And to make matters even worse, this nearly causes the extinction of all people on Earth when Eros heads that way.
      2. He intentionally starts a war between Earth and Mars with his research into the Protomolecule, first releasing a mutated soldier on Ganymede, killing a lot of UN soldier and Draper's team, then manipulates evidence to make it seem like the UN shot first and started the catastrophe, and this only leads to many, many, many more deaths.
        1. This war also has massive amounts of casualties, including a nuke hitting Brazil and killing 2.1 million people, meaning he's directly responsible not just for the 100,000 people on Eros, but also more than 2.1 million people on Earth and an untold amount of members of both the UN and MCRN fighting a war based on a lie.
      3. Even after the incidents on Eros and Venus, he still continues his research into the Protomolecule, even KIDNAPPING CHILDREN to infect them with the virus, which would surely kill them, making him directly responsible for the death of Kotoah and nearly doing the same to Prax's daughter, Mei.
    4. He is an utter hypocrite, as he seems devastated that his own daughter, Julie, was killed by the Protomolecule, but is willing to do it on many other children, once again, without the consent of any of them.
      1. He briefly tries to end the Protomolecule experiments on the children from Ganymede, but this turns out to be a completely hollow effort as he's moved by the chance for more research and only does even worse later.
    5. He manipulates many major figures, who end up not only prolonging the war, but also lead to that many more deaths and lead other good people to do bad things.
      1. He's responsible for the death of Admiral Souther, who's killed by the corrupt Admiral Nguyen, and then everyone on a ship that Nguyen blew up, and then everyone on the Agatha King when that's infected with a Protomolecule Missile.
      2. He also works with Errinwright, who actively manipulates Esteban into prolonging the war.
    6. He's a Karma Houdini at times, especially in season 2, where he continually tries to deny everything he did, and keeps going with court cases against Avasarala, who's frozen all his assets, which was just a small taste of punishment for him.
    7. He also becomes a straight-up psychopath at plenty of times, showing no care whatsoever for all the people he's already killed with the Protomolecule, but also doesn't even seem the littlest bit worried when Kotoah literally tears up one of his guards when the Protomolecule takes hold of him.
    8. He's completely unwilling to accept any consequences for his actions, and keeps talking about them like they're acceptable even though they aren't whatsoever.
    9. He constantly looks for scapegoats, especially framing Avasarala for treason just to silence her when she could prove his corruption and actions.
    10. He also seems to value Julie over the rest of his children, with Clarissa especially being neglected by him as a result of his plans for Julie.
    11. All this aside, he's also a terrible father to his children when they're alive and in contact with him.
    12. Even when he's defeated, his influence causes a lot more problems for the entire Solar System, especially when Clarissa becomes a terrorist, desperately seeking his approval.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. He is absolutely meant to be an irredeemable psychopath and not somebody to root for, and he is a pretty good villain in that regard.
    2. Francois Chau is wonderful in the role.
    3. He does seem to genuinely love Julie at least and regret that his experiments killed her at the very least.
    4. He gets his comeuppance in the most absolutely satisfying way possible, when Holden arrests him, effectively ending his research into the Protomolecule, Mei and his other would-be test subjects are saved (along with all of Mars from the Protomolecule Missiles), and he's sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole, along with every one of his allies being either killed or the same fate as him (such as Errinwright also getting life in prison, Dr. Strickland being killed by Amos, and Admiral Souther being left to die on the Agatha King). He makes no further appearances after the second book or the eight episode of the third season. In the show, he ends up dying in prison, which is exactly what he deserves for all he's done, but more importantly, he would only go down in history exposed as the heinous murderer he is.


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