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    Judge Peckinpah
    "Mr. Red, you are dishonoring our guests! As in the pigs despite them plotting something."
    Gender: Male
    Type: Biased clichéd Judge

    The Unicron trilogy Optimus Prime and Armored Adventures Tony Stark of Angry Birds

    Age: Adult
    Species: Great Grey Owl
    Portrayed by: Keegan-Michael Key
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: The Angry Birds Movie'
    First appearance: The Angry Birds Movie
    Last appearance: The Angry Birds Movie 2 (on a picture)

    Judge Peckinpah is a minor character from The Angry Birds Movie. He is voiced by Keegan Michael-Key (Key and Peele, Toy Story 4, The Super Mario Bros Movie and Hotel Transylvania)

    Why He Should Be Fired For Being Too Angry

    1. He occasionally doesn't think about asking Red: instead, he simply just asks the pigs if they can stay despite not knowing the pigs during the concert that stared Stella's flock, except for the actual Luca.
    2. His design is mediocre-at-best, as his head looks like it has been hammered, and his feathers in general look nothing like a great gray owl.
    3. Nitpick/Irony: He should have given Red a worse punishment since he almost got Eva's and Edward's youngest son injured or killed, and what Red did would be considered harassment. Instead, he sends him to Angry Management Class without a restraining order or get a bodyguard to report him which is just a terrible punishment.
    4. He was shockingly not at least suspicious of what the pigs were gonna do and did not criticize them for destroying the house that Red took five years to build; as a result, it shows he is lazily and badly written.
    5. He isn't a very interesting character, and it seems like he only exists just to be biased towards Red, thus making him a pointless character.
    6. Most of his dialogue is laughable and ridiculous, such as his “Anger is not always the answer!” line.
    7. He doesn't make a physical cameo in The Angry Birds Movie 2, though it could be due to him being disliked.
    8. Occasionally he might sound like a racist stereotype whenever he defends the pigs or gives him a comeuppance.
    9. He is basically the Angry Birds version of Foxy Loxy from the 2005 Chicken Little, as they are both clichéd and mean-spirited characters, but later redeem themselves at the end.
    10. He made the others sitting at the court laugh at Red when he said something insensitive about why birds can't fly, similar to Bloo humiliating Mac in Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends episode "I Only Have Surprise for You". Red also comments on how that joke wasn't even funny.
    11. He is a complete hypocrite: he didn't like Red for his anger issues, yet he also has anger issues.
    12. At one point, he tried to fight Red which was very much at his worst, which would be considered attempted assault and would've got himself removed from being judge through impeachment eventually or even arrested.

    Calm Qualities

    1. He did have a point that Red's actions of not being careful towards Eva and Edward's egg were wrong.
    2. He nonetheless became likable towards Red in the second half of the movie and did realize he was wrong about the pigs as mentioned above in WHNTBFFBTA#9, even finally getting the taste of his own medicine for his actions just because he's the clichéd mean judge, as well as agreeing with and apologizing to Red when they stole the eggs and destroy the village. He was a bit more likable in Angry Birds Island where he helped the birds rebuild Bird Island after the pigs destroyed the island.
    3. Sometimes he can be funny.
      • He makes some memorable quotes such as:
      • "Mr. Red, given the severity of the crowns I have no choice, but to impose the maximum penalty allowed by the law: Anger Management Class!"
      • "JUDGE POWER!"
    4. At least Keegan Michael-Key did a passable/good job voicing him.
    5. He was likely supposed to be hated given that he was the secondary antagonist of the film at first.
    6. Though he didn't receive any comeuppance until the second half of the movie, but the part where Red tosses Peckinpah's robes off him and Cyrus then falls off from Cyrus' sneeze was funny.


    • Judge Peckinaph only makes a minor cameo in The Angry Birds Movie 2 on a picture in Red's house and no further appearances, not even a physical cameo but it could possibly be because of his reception by fans.
    • Keegan-Michael Key was originally going to reprise his role for The Angry Birds Movie 2, but was very busy voicing Ducky in Toy Story 4 and Kamari in the 2019 remake of The Lion King.
    • Keegan will later join Urban Jungle as Mr. Lopez


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