Jorgen Von Strangle (The Fairly OddParents, seasons 9 and 10)

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Jorgen Von Strangle
Jorgen Von Strangle common image.png
Oh Jorgen, what happened to you?
Gender: Male
Type: Plot Device
Age: Immortal
Species: Fairy
Portrayed by: Daran Norris
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: The Fairly OddParents

Jorgen Von Strangle is a supporting character in The Fairly OddParents. He is the strongest fairy that exists in Fairy World and is the boss or commander of all fairies, including Anti-Fairies which he guards in prison, as well as the enforcer of "Da Rules".

Sadly, he was flanderized from Season 9 until the show's cancellation.

Why He's A Walking Plot Device Now

  1. The writers lazily reduced Jorgen from an intimating ruler of Fairy World to then just a plot device, because they bastardized the entire concept of Da Rules by making up different sets of rules in a specific episode to drive in more conflicts without any structure, basically to make up for their lack of talent. Notable examples include:
    • In the episode "Fairly OddPet" (the Season 9 premiere), he is shown working in Fairy World's pet store, filling in for his niece Ginny Von Strangle who was playing soccer, and Jorgen didn't want to spend $8.00 an hour, which is a lazy plot point. Also, in the same episode, he introduces Timmy to Sparky, yet offers no explanation as to why Sparky was brought back to the pet store over the years nor does he warn Timmy about the dangers that Sparky poses.
    • In the episode "Finding Emo", because Timmy had not been making any wishes for a while (this was due to his "emo" wish), Jorgen states that his fairies have to be taken away from him forever and be reassigned to another child, yet previous episodes like "The Same Game" and "Fairy Idol" clearly show that when a fairy spends a lot of time without considering wishes, magic accumulates causing them to swell like balloons and explode and becoming confetti. Also, the other child appears to be malicious, despite fairies are only suppose to be given to miserable children with sad lives. Furthermore, the same episode shows Jorgen dating another fairy named Wallet (or Waffle), despite him already being married to the Tooth Fairy since the season 5 episode "Teeth for Two".
    • In the episode "Let Sleeper Dogs Lie", he tells 11-year old Crocker that godchildren are old enough at that age to go to therapy, despite "Channel Chasers" proving otherwise, in that godchildren lose their fairies at age 18, and if their fairies refuse to leave, they are forced to by a taxi.
    • In the episode "Jerk of All Trades" (the only episode that primarily focuses on him), he serves little more than filler, as he gets fired from his job as Fairy Ruler just because he didn't catch Timmy making his money-tree wish in time, and as a result, has to found another Dimmsdale...really writers?
    • In the episode "Fairly Old Parent", he assigns Poof to become the fairy godfather of Mr. Crocker's mother, despite her being too old to have a fairy godparent and Poof being too young to being a fairy godparent.
    • In the episode "The Big Fairy Share Scare" (the Season 10 premiere), he forces Timmy to share his fairies with Chloe Carmichael even though she is nowhere remotely close to being miserable nor does Timmy need to share his fairies with her.
    • In the episode, "Fairy Con", when he saw Mr. Crocker in disguise trying to swipe the fairies' magic, he just sits there until Chloe shows up.
  2. Aside from just being a plot device, he can also be seen as a wimp at times, such as in "Teeth for Two" (an episode from Season 5) and "Jerk of All Trades", the latter episode of which in where he cries and seeks Timmy to ask him for help in finding a new job after he is fired for not catching Timmy's money-tree wish on time. Yes, Jorgen's role as an intimidating antagonist was dwindled greatly over the years of the show's run; while he can still be an antagonist at times, he became more of a supporting protagonist due to him assisting Timmy and his fairies many times due to certain moments of crisis, usually Jorgen is defined as an anti-hero. Depending on your own view as well as how this is executed in an episode in question, it is either character development or character derailment (in other words, flanderization).
  3. Much like Vicky and a majority of the other secondary cast of characters in the show, he hardly appears in any of the episodes and even if he does appear, it's usually very underwhelming anyway since the writers mostly couldn't decide what else to write for him as time went on other than to just dumb him down or use him as a plot device or filler and nothing else. Additionally, whenever Timmy, Cosmo, and Wanda break the rules, he is almost never to be seen because the writers clearly wanted it that way.
  4. He isn't even that funny or intimating anymore either for that matter most of the time.
  5. His character design in his final appearance, "The Kale Patch Caper", isn't that great and looks very stilted in comparison to the hand-drawn traditional and more expressive animation that was used previously. Of course, that episode is one of the last few episodes in production order to use the cheap flash animation, which resulted in the decline of the art visuals as well.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. He was better in the earlier seasons, though it varies whether or not he was in character in Seasons 7 and 8.
  2. Daran Norris still voiced him good, but his voice was even better in the original Oh Yeah! Cartoons pilot shorts and the first season of the show.


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