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    Jonathan (SuperMarioLogan)

    Jonathan (SuperMarioLogan)
    "This guy can't do a job right."
    Gender: Male
    Type: Off-putting Perverted Man-Child
    Age: 1988/1989 (age 32)
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Anthony Miller
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: SuperMarioLogan
    First appearance: "Jeffy’s Broken Laptop"

    Jonathan is a recurring character from the SuperMarioLogan series. He is Brooklyn Guy's younger brother and the son of Mrs. Guy. He is best known for being lazy, extremely dumb, and making suggestive comments.

    Why He Intentionally Can't Do Anything Right

    1. He is very whiny, annoying, creepy, stupid, and obnoxious towards everyone around him.
    2. He is also a jerk towards Brooklyn Guy:
      • He constantly rubs Brooklyn Guy to the fact that their mother favors her youngest son Jonathan more, while she deeply hates Brooklyn Guy.
      • In "No Nut November", he records Brooklyn Guy in the bathroom eating a donut, and when the latter tells him that he would get fired if his boss found out, Jonathan then decides to blackmail Brooklyn Guy into getting him a date or he would show his boss the video he took of Brooklyn Guy failing No Nut November by eating a donut in the bathroom, to add insult to injury, Jonathan tricked Brooklyn Guy as there was no film in the camera, to begin with.
      • In "Brooklyn Guy's Christmas Problem!", he breaks into Brooklyn Guy's house while dressed up as Santa Claus.
      • In "Junior Gets Scammed!", he sent Brooklyn Guy a fake Xbox which contained a refrigerator for Penelope's birthday which got Brooklyn Guy to go over to Junior's so he can get real Xbox causing Junior to get scammed.
      • In "Brooklyn Guy the Rapper", he refused to save a homeless man's life which got Brooklyn Guy and himself sued for $30 million by Mr. Goodman because he kept making Dr. Pepper jokes, him not having a medical license, and also him not being serious that he and his brother are being sued.
      • In "The Funeral", during his mother's "funeral", he kissed her so-called "corpse" numerous times when he was supposed to do it once, he scolded his brother when he was trying to eat his meal from McDonald's, he hugged his mother's "corpse", he refused to let Steve bury the casket and worst of all, he brought his mother's "corpse" into his brother's house! Seriously Jonathan?!
      • In "The KFC Competition", he dared Brooklyn Guy to do the cinnamon challenge when his brother was supposed to do his firefighter job and didn't care that he was coughing and swelling up and laughed at him.
    3. He is also quite rude and competitive as he would brag about what he got for Christmas while Brooklyn Guy got nothing, he also bragged about the fact that his mother actually "cared" for him in "The Funeral", constantly mentioning that she didn't love Brooklyn Guy.
    4. Going off the previous pointer, Jonathan is extremely stupid to the point he claimed Barbara was a nice and loving lady to everyone except Brooklyn Guy in the aforementioned episode, which is utterly false as she also treats nearly everyone she has met like trash.
    5. He is so perverted and disturbing, in "No Nut November", he hid behind the shower curtains in the bathroom so he could videotape women going to the bathroom, which is just disgusting.
      • He also likes to watch pornography this was the sole reason Barbara had a heart attack in "The Funeral" (while it was later clarified that she faked her death, it still comes off as tasteless).
    6. He is pretty dumb, and childish, and never seems to understand what is going on.
    7. He is a poorly developed character who doesn't have that much of a personality, other than being a creep who is obnoxious, brainless, and lazy.
    8. He has also shown to be blatantly perverted right in front of Brooklyn Guy, where he talks about how he stalks Karen, his sister-in-law. All in such an awkward and uncomfortable way, it just makes you ask why Brooklyn Guy doesn't just arrest his brother Jonathan already.
    9. Filler: The biggest problem he has is the fact that he constantly adds filler to every video he's featured in, and sometimes it can take half the runtime of a video.
    10. His lisped voice is annoying.
    11. He has an extremely displeasing character design. While not nearly as bad as Rosalina and Bowser's puppet designs, he looks like Brooklyn Guy if he got a slight bit of the Cody puppet treatment of making a puppet that looks way too tacky and unappealing to the senses makes him look very cringe-worthy to look at.
    12. He was at his absolute worst in "Penelope Gets Taken", where he "kidnapped" his niece and made the news take over the sports channel, all because he wanted to invite her to the Miami Heat game. Since kidnapping is considered a first-degree felony in Florida, this would have resulted in Jonathan being sentenced to life in prison, put on probation for the rest of his life, or even charged with a $10,000 fine.
    13. He never gets any comeuppance for his mean-spirited and perverted behavior, making him a Karma Houdini.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. He did help Brooklyn Guy in "Brooklyn Guy's Thanksgiving", showing he doesn't hate his brother.
    2. He isn't as bad as his mother, whose purpose is to hate on her other son just because she hasn't seen him for a long time, even though he was very busy.
    3. Despite his design being rather mediocre, some people find this design to be creative because of how it slightly resembles Brooklyn Guy.
    4. Much like Karen, he is meant to be unlikeable as a way for the audience to sympathize even more with Brooklyn Guy.
    5. He gets his comeuppance in Brooklyn Guy's Switch! where Brooklyn Guy beats the crap out of him in the end. That's also said in "Jeffy's Rubik's Cube" when he and the other contestants made fun of Mario and thus got executed for being in fourth place.
    6. Despite the flaws, Anthony Miller does a good job voicing Jonathan.
    7. In "Jeffy Gets Stream Sniped", he did help Junior, Joseph, and Jeffy find where his brother lives after Jeffy was scammed by Brooklyn Guy.
    8. Ever since he appeared in episodes like "The Bully Solution", he's started to improve immensely from his original personality, as he's now way more friendly and much nicer than his original personality.


    • He was never mentioned as one of the Brooklyn Guy's siblings or people who were murdered in the episode "The Secret Door!".


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