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    Jon Arbuckle (The Garfield Show, seasons 1-3)

    Jon Arbuckle
    Ladies and gentleman, the Burt Burtonburger of the Garfield franchise.
    Gender: Male
    Type: Idiotic Pet Owner
    Age: 22
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Wally Wingert
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: The Garfield Show
    First appearance: Garfield

    Jon Arbuckle is the tritagonist of the Garfield franchise. He is the owner of Garfield and Odie.

    He was voiced by Wally Wingert.

    While he was a good character in all other Garfield media, he was badly flanderized in the first three seasons of The Garfield Show, but redeemed himself in season 4.

    Why He's The One Who Should Get Out Of The House, NOW!

    NOTE: This is only focusing on the first three seasons of the CGI reboot The Garfield Show since the original Jon from the 1980s version, the comic books version and the version in the fourth and fifth seasons of The Garfield Show of Jon are likable.

    1. Like how Nermal got flanderized in the show, he was flanderized into a bumbling, idiotic, and unlikable jerk who is mostly mean-spirited towards Garfield (and later Odie, as there are early exceptions in WHWALOtFaO (BQ)#4).
    2. He is even dumber than in previous incarnations.
    3. He gives Garfield and Odie harsh punishments, even though they did nothing wrong, such as locking them outside.
      • The crude punishments that he gives towards Garfield and Odie come off as rather hurtful, rude, and mean-spirited.
      • He constantly blackmails Garfield into getting rid of the mice in his house under the threat that he might potentially take away his lasagna privileges to the point where it gets irritating and unfair for Garfield himself.
    4. He even blamed Garfield for things Odie did when he was turned into a were-dog when there's no way possible that Garfield could've done those things proving his stupidity.
      • Though to be fair, it makes sense why he thought Garfield ate the lasagna for ten people, Garfield loved that lasagna and tried to resist it, but it doesn't make sense why he thinks Garfield wrecked the room, Garfield suggested that maybe Odie did it, but Jon said "Don't try to pin this on poor, sweet, harmless Odie! Odie couldn't do something like this!" This just shows how, brainless, he is.
      • This cycle happens again in "Little Yellow Riding Hood" when Odie steals a cheesecake and feeds it to a baby wolf all while Garfield is napping. Jon, who is at his absolute worst here, then immediately blames Garfield and even has the gall to taunt him for the majority of the episode. He even idiotically assumed Garfield ate his steak when it was the mother wolf who ate it while they weren't looking. This shows that he didn't learn his lesson.
    5. Hypocrisy: He scolds Garfield for stuff that Odie did because he admits that Odie is innocent and has never done anything wrong, even though he did scold him and Garfield in "King Nermal" and "Meet the Parents".
    6. Even worse, in "King Nermal", when he saw Nermal's leg okay when it was "broken before" because Nermal faked the fracture, he thinks it's getting better. Wow Jon, how stupid are you?
      • Later on, after Garfield and Odie break all their bones and can't eat food for a whole month, Jon eats lasagna in front of them and even has the gall to taunt them for not being able to eat. What a nice owner, right?
      • He even kicked Garfield and Odie out of the house in these seasons, twice! Wow! Just wow!
    7. He was not any better in Meet the Parents where he rudely snaps at Garfield for touching Liz's pet canary. He even went as far as to threaten to serve him only bread and water for the rest of his life, which is very unhealthy for cats in real life. However, it was somewhat justified that Jon was worried he was going to eat him. He also scolded Odie just for trying to lick Mrs. Wilson. Even worse, he did it in a mean-spirited way that made him very unlikable in this episode.
    8. In "Jon's Night Out" when he was having insomnia, he fell asleep during Liz's vet speech which caused Liz to leave him.
    9. His stupidity has gotten to the point where he starts becoming a bad owner to Garfield and Odie.
    10. He has provided a lot of stupid, atrocious, or infamously mean-spirited lines such as:
      • Everything you see on the internet is true!
      • Lasagna for ten people! GONE! And it's pretty obvious who ate it!
      • GARFIELD! Garfield, you ate lasagna for ten people! I meant what I said, Garfield. I'm never going to feed you again! Good night!
      • GARFIELD!! Garfield, how could you do this and don't tell me you didn't do this?! If you didn't who did?
      • I've had it with you Garfield!
      • Garfield, Odie, kitchen! You're grounded!
      • Hi Nermal! Oh! Your leg has gotten better!
      • Garfield, Odie, out of the house! NOW!!!
      • GARFIELD!!! How could you?! How could eat all that cheesecake while we were away?!
      • You're lying Garfield! If you didn't, who did? Odie would never do anything that sneaky!
      • NO! You cannot come with us! Garfield! I promised Liz that it was just the two of us and besides you're not allowed in Vito's anymore not after what you did last time there!
    11. His voice can be pretty annoying at times.

    Good Qualities

    1. He still takes care of Garfield and Odie.
      • While he sometimes treats Garfield in a mean-spirited way, you can hardly blame him if you had a lazy and irresponsible pet cat like Garfield, given that Garfield hardly obeys him, spends his money on food without asking him, gets angry if he commits any innocent mistake and sometimes mocks him behind his back.
    2. He apologizes for some of his actions. Like the time he apologizes to Garfield for wrongfully blaming him for eating the cheesecake and offers him a meal. ("Little Yellow Riding Hood")
    3. He was a lot more funny and likable in the original comics, Garfield & Friends and even the direct-to-video trilogy. likewise, he is less of an idiot doesn't punish Garfield and Odie harshly often, and is more in line with his original likable counterpart since season 4.
    4. He still has some funny moments here and there, and sometimes has his original personality on some occasions.
      • " MWAHAHAHAHA!!! Did you really think you could defeat me, wretched fool!?"
    5. Wally Wingert still does a great job at voicing him.
    6. His design is still great and iconic.


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