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    Jolasia Pupcia Kiepska

    Dlatego czasami dodanie nowej postaci do serialu nie jest tak dobrym pomysłem, jak mogłoby się wydawać. (This is why sometimes, adding a new character to a show isn't as much of a good idea as one might think.)

    Jolasia Pupcia Kiepska is a character from the Polish sitcom Świat według Kiepskich. She is the wife of Waldek Kiepski and one of the main characters from this show. She was introduced in the season 13 episode "Tryptyk Dolnośląski Cz.2 Cyc i Pupcia".

    Why She Sucks

    1. She's a failed attempt to introduce a new character to live up the aging cast... which ended up as a Scrappy. Also, Waldek Kiepski's personality retool was just an excuse to introduce her.
    2. Like with other scrappies, her jokes are often unfunny and bland. Mainly her jokes are cringe-worthily oversexualized or contain annoying rhyming that will get on your last nerve.
    3. She often treats her husband Waldek as if he was her slave. She often yells, pushes him and beats him, right in front of his family, while they don't do anything about it, making her a Karma Houdini.
    4. She is a hypocrite, because she demands from Waldek to be a grown man, while she has a lot of moments where she acts like a bratty 5-year-old businessman's daughter and throws tantrums when something doesn't go her way.
    5. She's extremely lazy, because she refuses to find herself a job and thinks that the world will do everything for her.
    6. The way that she worships her dad-in-law Ferdek is very abhorrent and obnoxious to the point of worshipping him and even terrorizing Waldek to do the same.
    7. She treats her parents-in-law's house like a restaurant and boutique. This shows further that she doesn't improve herself.
    8. Some scenes with her are completely pointless and doesn't add anything to a plot.
    9. Her looks often looks like she was imported from a budget porn movie. Heck, even her last name is based on Buttocks! We kid you not.
    10. Her overall personality and looks are so sexualized to the point of being unintentionally creepy.


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