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    Jojora (Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga)

    Why make an one time character that just delays a big event of a good game?

    Jojora is a magical fairy-like character who appears in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga for Game Boy Advance and it's remake for Nintendo 3DS, she lives in Joke's End and meets Mario and Luigi when they are about to explore the dungeon, she is friends with the cousin of the descendant of the spirit who guarded the place.

    Jojora appears at some parts of the dungeon toying with the brothers, when they reach the top she congrats them with tea party and some time to relax, she offers the option to choose one of her 4 "friends" (Chucklissa / Oholina / Hoohoolia / Teeheena) to come down and take care of the guests, starting a team boss battle.

    Why She's An Icy Jerk

    1. Jojora may seem like an interesting character the first time she is introduced, but when progressing through the dungeon she likes to appear out of nowhere and mock the busy brothers she just met.
    2. She has really mean-spirited quotes like: "No girls would ever like you!" that she says if the brothers keep going and "Eeek!" "Uncool, you creep!" everytime she is counter attacked which feel pretty out-of-place for a Mario game.
    3. For some reason Jojora is the boss with the highest defense stat in the game.
    4. Thanks to her defense stat in the original game most of Mario and Luigi's attacks will do 1 damage, thankfully just like other team boss battles one specific boss running out of HP is enough to end the battle.
    5. If the player wants to take Jojora out counterattacks are not allowed or she will always get out for a few turns.
    6. When getting defeated she cries, runs away and is never seen again, not before going back and yelling: "JERKS!" as her last quote for Mario and Luigi.
    7. It's somewhat sad how a unique looking character that's able to fly, use ice powers and create a portal never appears again (with such unsatisfying battle victory), not even having cameos in the other games.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. She opens the closed doors with no dirty moves if the separated brothers beat her challenge.
    2. She does cooperate in the battle when not out, healing her team's HP if her teammate takes damage and she shows to care about her friend.
    3. In the remake Jojora's defense stat is lower in addition of having more HP, Emergence Guard helps taking less damage from her attacks in order to defeat both bosses and she drops an exclusive reward after getting defeated.


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