Johnny Test (2005, seasons 4-6)

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Johnny Test
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"Woah, didn't see that coming!" — Johnny if he found out that he’s on the Loathsome Characters Wiki
Gender: Male
Type: The hated side of Johnny Test/The true reason why this character is hated
Age: 11
Species: Human
Portrayed by: James Arnold Taylor
Status: Alive
Media of origin: Johnny Test

Johnathan "Johnny" Test is the main protagonist of the American-Canadian TV series of the same name. He is a mischievous boy known for his love of anything he considers awesome. He is the youngest child and only son of Hugh and Lila Test and brother of Susan and Mary Test. He can live any kid's dream, only to find that some dreams aren't worth living. He is typically with his best friend Dukey, his genetically altered dog. He also redeems coupons to his sisters in exchange for assisting them in their daily problems.

While his character was good in the first three seasons of this series and the 2021 reboot, he was flanderized in seasons 4-6. This article will only focus on his character in the latter said seasons.

Why He Didn't See It Coming in These Seasons

  1. In the beginning of the series and even the revival, he was written as a rebellious, yet kind goodhearted boy who helped others, cared about his family, and even had mature moments of learning lessons, and having remorse for his actions whenever they are bad. But in these seasons, he's written as and has been flanderized into being a problematic, troublesome kid who now constantly messes up his sisters' inventions for his own self-serving purposes, causing trouble for himself and the whole city. This happens rarely in the first season (and to an extent seasons 2 and 3) but is pushed to the limit in these seasons to the point where it starts becoming repetitive.
    • In fact, this right here is why his character is truly hated.
  2. He refuses to work hard and put any effort into anything.
  3. He gets what he wants through manipulation, deceit or blackmail; for example, he once manipulated an old lady to get him a video game that he is too young to play.
  4. He has become selfish, disrespectful, immature, gross, and narcissistic.
  5. He and his family once let a carnivorous plant ravage Porkbelly just to save themselves.
  6. He rarely listens to the good advice that comes mostly from Dukey.
    • On a similar note, in almost every episode of Seasons 4-6, by the end he still does NOT learn his lessons and will continue doing the same exact thing the next episode or two.
  7. He will sometimes put his family into something that he himself caused.
  8. He has an infamous power from his Johnny X persona called "power poots" which is and sounds disgusting.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. His design is still overall good, especially when drawn in a different style.
  2. He still loves his family and friends and hates seeing them in danger.
  3. He can be kind, caring and helpful at times, like when he saves his sisters from trouble he sometimes put them into, when he is Johnny X or if he helps clean the messes is makes.
  4. He can be sympathetic at times. Examples include when his sister perform dangerous experiments on him, Bumper bullies him, and when his dad takes his punishments too far.
  5. Aside from the infamous "Power Poots" power, his other Johnny X powers are admittedly quite cool such as his "Hurricane Hands", and "Shape-shifting" powers.
  6. James Arnold Taylor still does a good job at voicing him.
  7. He was a much better character in the first three seasons and eventually redeemed himself from flanderization in the 2021 reboot as well as reverting back to his character in the first three seasons of the original show.



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