Johnny (The Room)

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Johnny (The Room)
Johnny (The Room).jpg
"Oh hi Mark."
Gender: Male
Type: Foul-Mouthed Psychopath
Age: TBA
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Tommy Wiseau
Status: Deceased
Media of Origin: 'The Room'

Johnny is the main protagonist of the infamous "so-bad it's good" cult 2003 film The Room, which was directed, produced, and written by Tommy Wiseau, whom also portrayed the character in said film.

Why He Tears Us Apart

  1. Johnny himself is a complete psychopath and a generic boyfriend who wants to marry his fiance Lisa, but doesn't at all.
  2. Tommy Wiseau does a horrific job of portraying the character.
  3. He has a weird obsession with laughing about anything (even when it's not funny), sex, and football.
  4. His and Lisa's sex scene is beyond awkward and uncomfortable.
  5. Like the actor who portrays him, his origins are completely shrouded with mystery as we barely know much about him.
    • Though despite that, he has a lot of friends and is a successful businessman.
    • Also, considering that his fiancée, Lisa, is apparently in her twenties.
  6. Johnny throws temper tantrums way too often.
  7. He gets angry in his frustrations over the smallest things possible; for example: When someone gently touched him, he rudely replied "DON'T touch me, mother@#$%%^&*!".
  8. Which reminds you, he is very foul-mouthed as mentioned previously in WHS #6.
  9. Johnny makes up lies, and terrible ones to boot.
  10. He believes all women are evil, and thinks all men are good, meaning that he is sexist or even misogynistic.
  11. Which reminds you, he is also a hypocrite since he believes all women are evil despite him having sex with his fiancée.
  12. Johnny is always calm whenever his BFF Mark shows up, regardless of what kind of situation Johnny is in. For example, he is angry, but then all of the sudden he calms down when Mark shows up just because he's his BFF.
  13. In a mundane climax, after a frustrating confrontation with Mark, whom thought he and the party goers are "betraying" him, Johnny trashes his apartment (such as throwing a tv away), starts to make a disturbing simulation of using Lisa's red dress, and then kills himself due to the bad writing that his character's actor had done.
  14. He's pretty a dull protagonist who is better off being the main antagonist because of his characterization.

The Only Redeeming Quality


  • Johnny doesn't drink despite how he drank soda off-screen.
  • Tommy Wiseau, the actor who plays Johnny, is very secretive about his life.
  • There is one particular scene in the film where Johnny would laugh at domestic abuse stories told by his BFF, Mark. The reason for this is because Wiseau couldn't refrain from laughing despite being told repeatedly by his co-star, Greg Sestero, that domestic abuse isn't funny and the related dialogue was not supposed to be delivered in a comedic fashion.


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