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    John Proctor
    Gender: Male
    Age: Around 30
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Daniel Day-Lewis
    Status: Dead
    Media of origin: The Crucible

    John Proctor is the main character of the play The Crucible and its respective film adaptations. A troubled farmer who is accused of witchcraft by paranoid townsfolk, Proctor represents a religious skeptic who tries to do right but gives into temptation and has to make up for it.

    He has been portrayed by Yves Montand and Daniel Day-Lewis in the films based off the play.

    Why He Sucks

    1. He's an absolutely horrid human being, so much to where it's hard to consider him a hero and not a villain. He basically treats everyone around him like crap and easily gets mad at them anytime someone does something he doesn't agree with.
    2. John himself actually has a love interest with Abigal. Take note that Abigal is 17 and he is around 30, meaning he's dating a minor, therefore he's a pedophile. As a matter of fact, he has a wife named Elizabeth, so basically, he's cheating on her.
    3. He's obsessed over his hatred on the Devil. He actually wanted to "beat the Devil out of" Mary Warren.
    4. John seems like he doesn't care when his wife was accused of witchcraft and gets arrested for the accusation. If he did, he would've defended her so matter what when Salem came to get her, but he didn't. He just blubbered nonsense, accused Mary of being a witch (and failed), and he let Salem in his house. He allows Elizabeth to get arrested, but then tries to beat the Salem residents up and fails. He then tries to strangle Mary out of anger just for announcing Elizabeth's accusation and allowing her to get arrested.
    5. Speaking of this, he threatens Mary to get whipped if she ever leaves to go to Salem again.
    6. He's also a terrible husband to Elizabeth, moving on from the pedophilia and the accusation. He called her "ungodly" and a horrible person after getting into an argument over Mary going to Salem.
    7. Hypocrisy: He calls out people for doing bad things yet he does the same, possibly even worse.
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