Jodie Foster (Dungeons and Daddies)

Jodie Foster is a character from the role-playing weirdo RPG podcast Dungeons and Daddies. He is a cop turned Paladin that replaced Glenn in the group.

Jodie Foster
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Status: Alive

Why He Sucks

  1. He's a huge jerk to his "friends" says things like "I knew we shouldn't have trusted them" while they were listening. He also prides himself on being good, though he contradicts his sentiment, so this already proves he's ill-fit for his role as a Paladin.
  2. He is a hypocrite, he claims to be lawfully good yet he talks bad about his companions and criticizes them for talking about him while he was listening when did it himself.
  3. He brings the worst out of Darryl, and constantly tries to make him angry because he's petty.
  4. His son is awful and a blatant alpha male jerk. Jodie also doesn't punish his son for acting superior to others all that often, like when Henry tried to apologize to Jodie's son Jodie let his son get away with calling Henry an enabler of toxic behavior; the worse part is that Henry believed him, even though Henry is an adult and Jodie's son is a kid that should have been scolded for speaking false claims. Jodie could've raised his son better, and if he had the rest of the party wouldn't hate them both as much.
  5. He is also an alpha male, but he is polite about it, which is sometimes worse.
  6. He is a Butt-Monkey, though for good reason.
  7. He married Glenn's wife and tried to steal Glenn's fame from him.
  8. His only point is to be Glenn's stark opposite, which is underwhelming considering that Henry and Darryl are already Glenn's opposite, just not entirely.
  9. Despite loving his son he left him with a bunch of criminals and forced the rest of the group go with his plan to talk to the Warden, which didn't work out well for them.
  10. Despite being a cop he broke the law by refusing to give up his weapon when the party tried to enter a prison legally, yet because of Jodie they all got put into the prison and Jodie blamed them for it.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Jimmy Wong voices him and plays very well.
  2. He at least loves his son, which is better than not loving him, unlike Willy does for Ron.


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