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    Jocks (Bully)
    Thought the Teen Titans are annoying? Well these jocks take their annoyingness to a whole 'nother level!
    Gender: Male, Female
    Type: Dimwitted Social Darwinists
    Age: 15 to 17
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Alex Cendese (Ted Thompson)
    Jason Fuchs (Bo Jackson)
    Dimitri Michann (Casey Harris)
    Ben Curtis (Damon West)
    Matt Sauerhoff (Dan Wilson)
    Lloyd Floyd (Juri Karamazov)
    Chris Kromer (Kirby Olsen)
    Adam Scarimbolo (Luis Luna)
    Elena Franklin (Mandy Wiles)
    Tom Vergow (Bob)
    Status: Active
    Media of origin: Bully

    The Jocks are one of the five cliques in the game Bully. Ted Thompson is the leader, with Damon West being second in command. They are a group of jocks consisting of 8 boys (9 if Bob is included) and 1 girl.

    Why They Intentionally Need to Get Whipped

    1. They never act their age despite being teenagers, and they're also straight-up annoying, troublesome, loathsome, and obnoxious since they are a bunch of assholes who act retarded and immature.
    2. They tend to show off their superiority complex simply because they are on top of Bullworth Academy's pecking order, as if they think they own the universe, which makes them come across as petty social darwinists.
    3. They are supposed to be between the ages of 15-17 years old, but they have the mentality of toddlers and extremely low IQs.
    4. They are extremely sexist, as they have misogynistic mindsets and often use "girly" as an insult.
    5. They are often unnecessarily loud, mainly due to them constantly screaming their lines to the point that they never shut up every time they're onscreen.
    6. A lot of their dialogues and jokes are extremely offensive, low-brow, flat, stale, retarded, disgusting, irritating, and completely insufferable.
    7. They receive almost no repercussions for their abusive behavior and get off scot-free. Making them huge Karma Houdinis.
    8. They barely receive any character development and repeat their mistakes.
    9. They bully the Nerds (another clique from Bullworth Academy) for no reason other than feeling satisfied and cruel. Even if the latter didn't do anything to them.
    10. They can be extremely gross and rude at times, such as Ted forcing Jimmy to "sniff his jockstrap".
    11. They are also child abusers since they put Pedro and Sheldon into garbage cans and pull their arms until their arms get pulled off which is considered attempted dismembering.
    12. In gameplay, they are extremely annoying and will try to fight you if you attempt to go to the Gym and will even attack you if you have class. To circumvent them from attacking you when you have Gym class, you must commit truancy and get busted by a prefect.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. Their respective voice actors did a great job voicing them.
    2. They look out for each other and still care about each other.
    3. They redeem themselves by the end of the game (Complete Mayhem) after they're no longer brainwashed by Gary Smith.
    4. They probably aren't meant to be liked in the first place.
    5. Mandy is the only likable member, despite bullying and tormenting her rival Beatrice Trudeau, a member of the Nerds.
    6. Their designs are okay.


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