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    Granny Jojo
    "WHAT!!! Why have I been added on to this wiki?"
    Gender: Female
    Type: Stereotypical Granny
    Age: 63
    Species: Rabbit
    Portrayed by: Sandra Searles Dickinson
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: The Amazing World of Gumball
    First appearance: The Kiss

    "A good mother prevents accidents before they happen."

    Granny Jojo in "The Authority"

    Joanna Watterson, also known as Granny Jojo, is a character from the Cartoon Network animated television show The Amazing World of Gumball. She is voiced by Sandra Searles Dickinson.

    Intentional Bad Granny Qualities

    1. In season 1, her design looks gross and weird. In season 2, her design looks inappropriate. Her redesign for season 2 was all to make sure she looked old.
    2. She was extremely unlikable in the episodes "The Authority" and "The Kiss".
    3. Her parenting skills are terrible and really stupid. She frequently relies on sheltering others.
      • In fact, her constant sheltering has led to her son Richard Watterson turning into an immature man who is incompetent in dealing with the most basic tasks and adjusting to unfamiliar situations because she never taught him to use common sense when he was growing up.
    4. She gave Gumball a dreadful nightmare in "The Kiss".
    5. She unintentionally kissed Gumball on the lips not once, but twice in the same episode, which ultimately traumatized Gumball, yet she doesn't care at all.
    6. She gets jealous and possessive rather quickly as shown in the episode "The Catfish" since she wouldn't allow Louie to have friends and believed he was cheating (thanks to Gumball and Darwin's meddling).
    7. She never moves on as she always hated her ex-husband Frankie Watterson despite that he unintentionally came back.

    Intentional Good Qualities

    1. Since meeting and marrying Louie, she became a much better person.
      • Her relationship with her current husband, Louie Watterson, is cute.
    2. She can be funny sometimes, especially when she is likable.
    3. Sandra Searles Dickinson does an awesome and very expressive job voicing Granny Jojo, putting a lot of emotion, effort, and charmista into an average unlikable character she was told to voice.
    4. To be fair, she was really meant to be a bad character in the first place.
    5. Granny Jojo can be likable at times.

    Granny Comments

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