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    Jiro Asagiri
    "I have high expectations for you. Don’t let me down."
    Gender: Male
    Type: Domestically Abusing Scumbag Parent
    Age: 51
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Hiromichi Kogami
    Status: Deceased (original timeline)
    Alive (new timeline)
    Media of origin: Magical Girl Site
    First appearance: Magical Girl Site (manga)

    Jiro Asagiri is a minor, yet recurring antagonist of the manga/anime Magical Girl Site. He was introduced as the abusive father of the series’ main protagonist, Aya and Kaname (whom he pressures him into pushing him on studying so that he can be accepted at Tokyo University. If he doesn't get perfect scores on his exams, Jiro will hit him out of anger). He is also the source of Kaname's sadistic yet, cruel complex nature (which deluded to wanted to become like a “god”) who uses Aya as a stress relief to get away from him and also led Aya to discover the Magical Girl Site and become a Magical Girl.

    Why He Intentionally Has No "High" Expectations

    1. First off, Jiro is a strict parent and a domestic abuser who pushes his son, Kaname to study harder in order to live up to his "high expectations" for his grades at school and be accepted to Tokyo University while not even caring about her daughter, Aya (who was also abused from his son and being one of the sole reasons why she became a magical girl).
      • However, Jiro punches and hits his son if he doesn't study perfectly.
        1. Thus, his abuse is also the source of Kaname’s sadistic complex nature, leading Kaname to verbally abuse his sister, Aya as a stress relief for the fun of it, forced to not getting any friends, while considering the humans are "scums" and being a "waste of time", and with God as his "savior".
        2. Since that, his reveal as a generic domestic abuser was obvious considering how it was his fault for having Kaname commit the crimes that he had done like Kaname using Nijimi's panties to command everyone at will and then steal magic sticks.
          1. While he and his wife cared for and loved their children, they barely interact with their children in an average normal way (especially when her daughter and Yatsumura were eating with his wife). Even if their son Kaname, whom his father abuses him and pushes him to study, is not doing anything wrong with things such as Aya.
    2. The manga (and the anime adaption) didn't bother to give any reason why he wants to push Kaname hard and verbally abuse him for his studies until later chapters.
    3. As mentioned above about his son, Jiro doesn't even care much about Kaname’s mental instability and proves that he is just a selfless middle aged man with a strict grudge.
      1. But for her daughter (Aya), Jiro is even one of the sole reasons why Aya was a very unfortunate person like the rest of the people because of what he did to Kaname.
    4. Just like Kaname, Jiro attempts to hide his nature such as caring much his son trying to succeed his expectation for college. As in reality, he is an abusive, angry man prone to outbursts if only his son doesn't study hard on his education along with not able to be accepted to college and would violently beat up his wife and even getting disowning Aya for reasons that were later explained (see below).
    5. He is a selfish, greedy parent who thinks that Kaname will be accepted to Tokyo University as his "fulfilling dream". And hopes that he will ensure his son will study everyday without any average scores on every exams, which makes him absolutely nothing of what a parent should treat their children.
    6. His dialogue is very forced and less painful enough when repeating occasions in like telling Kaname to meet his "high expectations" because of said studying to his education, but pressures him nonstop that would led Kaname to do horrible things to Aya, and keeps monologuing just like his son.
    7. He is very unapologetic and doesn't show any remorse of hurting his son because of said education.
    8. He treats his wife, and children horribly as if they're nobodies but thinks restricting his son from ever getting average (or okay) exam scores would make him proud of his success.
    9. Character Derailment: Despite being a minor character, his scenes mostly consist of only being at home (and only going to a hospital in two chapters) while talking about education and stuff and just being there as an angry parent who gets very frustrated.
    10. He doesn't even find out that his abuse towards Kaname would lead him to also abuse Aya and commit crimes that he gets away scot-free.
    11. The way he's pressuring Kaname so hard at his studies, along with abusing and neglecting his wife and daughter is not explained why (only for the sake of just caring much about the fears of Kaname's education).
      • However, the wikia page of Jiro implies that he was at college and failed at an entrance exam. This resulted in him getting traumatized by it and wants Kaname to go there on his side (but ended up beating him up because of said college and it was written like this in the article), Seriously. While it's inaccurate in the real world, people don't get traumatized when they fail.
        • However, he may have overreacted for unexplained reasons and wouldn't even bother to go to a therapist to solve his problem.
    12. He maybe an abusive man, but behaves nothing like a real parent would do for following reasons:
      • It is mentioned before (in WHNHE #9) that he failed at college and was traumatized by it, which led him to barely care about his wife and children.
      • It was then revealed that Aya was adopted from him and his wife, since because Jiro murdered his wife's second biological child by punching the child's womb, rather than taking her to the hospital (presumably out of frustration from his failure at college).
      • HYPOCRISY: He wanted Kaname to only get perfect 100% high scores on his exams. But hates "average" scores (either if it’s 98 percent) and would hit him as a disappointment, SERIOUSLY.
      • He barely cares about her daughter, Aya, but didn't realized that Kaname had been wandering and “slacking off” for leaving the house in the morning, lately (even he was abusing his son and forced him to do horrible things). But, assures that his son would come back and "beat some sense” back into him.
      • After Kaname disappeared, he confronted Detective Kichiro Misumi (whom he kidnapped Kaname and covered it up) that his son is a “good boy” for his education and refuses to interrogate Aya who thinks that she is “irrelevant” while losing all hope by forcing himself to drink a lot of alcohol. Then, hits his wife out of frustration because of said Kaname's disappearance.
      • When Kaname was found, Jiro STILL didn't learn about his son's whereabouts when he was in a conversation with Detective Misumi, for a month ago.
      • When Kaname went back home to warn him and his wife, Jiro punches and accuses Kaname on leaving him for a month, and wants him to keep up with his studies by using Nijimi's panties. But, his actions would get him arrested.
      • During the halfway end of the manga, he was expecting the readers to "sympathize" with Jiro just because he was assumed to have failed at college. But, the fact that he abuses, pushes and tried to control Kaname in order to use him to study and make him a successful student.
      • He doesn't have any acknowledgement with the Magical Girl Site, instead he just uses Nijimi's panties to command whatever he wants and knows how it works. Jiro even lacks any belief that the Site Admins needed to be destroyed for their dangerous, yet murderous tendencies and only cares about again, studying with Kaname (until he does from lifespan of the panties.
        • He thought that using Nijimi's panties to control others can keep Kaname from studying, daily. But, doubts that his son will improve his grades and get him accepted to Tokyo University as a "fufilling dream".
        • He even silenced his wife for knowing how Aya was adopted from her, and tried to shut off her voice from Nijimi's panties.
        • He doesn't care about Aya as his adopted daughter ever since he was dared to not share his bloodline. As a result, Jiro tried to get rid of her because of what he had said to Aya (when he thought that Aya was "attacking" her father with her magic teleportation gun while she was just trying to protect him from a Site Admin attack).
    13. Like some of the villains from that series, he doesn't really feel like a Magical Girl villain, instead, he is kinda way too similar to other Phantom Thief Jeanne characters that were brainwashed or mind controlled into power-hungry strict villains.
    14. The 2nd, 5th, 12th, and 13th Bad Qualities has been hidden that he surprisingly hates his wife and daughter, along with all the other girls and it was a sexist! But, he only cares about Kaname, as a succeeding student. Seriously.
    15. Just like other villains from Magical Girl Site, he is utterly forgettable, uninteresting, and weak while being very boring sometimes.
    16. He doesn't get any repercussions or punishment for his actions other than that he wanted his son to succeed in his grades or else beat him up, instead the manga’s final chapter just reset the timeline where he no longer physically abused Kaname or push him to study perfectly.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. His voice acting is good.
    2. His character design is well-made and does look like a normal middle-aged man.
    3. As mentioned above, he is supposed to be hated him for that, no question.
    4. As mentioned above, one should feel sorry for him and all he wanted was to live up the academic perfection to himself when he failed to do at college.
    5. In the final chapter when Aya prevented people from misfortune, Jiro became better and no longer had to endure pressuring his son to study hard from his exams and grades. As such, he no longer has to deal with Aya not being part of the family due to said adoption.


    • It is likely in the final chapter, if Jiro still murdered his second child in the new timeline or not.
    • His first name is revealed in the character bios of volume 12 of the manga.
    • Jiro is similar to Jae Galhyun, the father of the delinquent/bully, Jae Galhwa, from The Devil's Boy:
      • Both are strict fathers that rely on education to their sons and pressure them from it.
      • Both verbally abuse their sons and pressure them to study and not care much about their mental lives.
      • Both are the source of their sons' violent, sadistic nature as they beat up and torture people to solve their problems.
      • There is a difference that Galhyun doesn't have another child, just his wife's stepson. As Jiro's second child was killed by him from his wife's womb.
      • Galhyun even describes Galhwa as a sore loser not able to focuse more on studying, as with Jiro describing Kaname as a succeeding student.
      • Besides Jiro, Galhyun's pressure to him may imply of his insecurities of his high standards against his education.
    • Jiro can also be compared with Zen Toono's mother from Mieruko-Chan, whom both of them are strict parents with high standards about the educations to their own sons. The main difference is that Jiro is a ruthless abuser while Mrs. Toono is an sadistic mentally unstable woman who would grabbed Zen's head and hair to her bare hands all the time when he never gets a 100% high score on his exams as a kid.
    • In chapter 102, it is uncertain that a black-haired man holding a paper might be him when he was a young college student.


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