Jiro Asagiri

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Jiro Asagiri
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It's his fault for treating his son as a complex sadist. All this abuse just because of education?!
Gender: Male
Type: The Domestic Abuser
Age: 51
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Hiromichi Kogami
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: Magical Girl Site

Jiro Asagiri is a minor antagonist of the manga Magical Girl Site. He is the adopted father of Aya Asagiri and the abusive father of Kaname Asagiri. In this series, he is like a dicipline homeschool teacher who pressures Kaname into studying in order to take him to Tokyo University. If he fails or get it average, Jiro will hit him as a disappointment. He is the source of Kaname's sadistic complex nature who uses Aya as a stress relief to get away from him.

Jiro talking to Kaname
"Don't lose your focus. I have high expectations for you. Don't let me down." Kaname stare.

Why He Sucks

  1. He is a poor representation of a domestic abuser and a discipliner, who thinks Kaname will live up to his "high expectations" for his school grades in a way to accept him to Tokyo University. But, however, Jiro punches him if he doesn't meet up.
  2. He is a selfless parent who thinks that Kaname will be accepted to Tokyo University as his "fulfilling dream".
  3. He neglects and ignores her daughter Aya, because she wasn't his biological daughter.
  4. His violent outbursts is also the source of Kaname's sadistic complex nature, leading him to verbally abuse Aya as a stress relief for the fun of it. Then, made him thought humans are "scums" and being a "waste of their time", but thinks God is his "savior".
  5. He is also largely responsible for all abuse that he did to his son, as committing the crimes that he had done like Kaname using Nijimi's panties to control and then steal magic sticks.
  6. While he and his wife cared for and loved their children, they barely interact with their children in an average normal way. Even if their son Kaname, whom his father abuses him and pushes him to study, is not doing anything wrong with things such as Aya.
  7. His reveal as a domestic abuser was obvious considering how it was his fault for making Kaname into a sadistic torturer that abuses Aya as his "punching bag" to relieve his stress and the way he describes the humans, poorly.
  8. He is not aware that abusing Kaname would lead him to be a complex sadist and torturer.
  9. He is a selfish parent who cares nothing more than "studying" when he pressures Kaname.
  10. He barely learns anything about his son''s true nature.
  11. He never apologizes to Kaname, along with his wife and Aya. But, Jiro literally keeps his son from studying in order to ensure his studies are perfect, every single day.
  12. The way he's pressuring Kaname so hard at his education, along with abusing and neglecting his wife and daughter, is that Jiro was assumed that he was at college and failed, resulted in him getting traumatized by it and wants Kaname to go there on his side. While it's inaccurate in the real world, people don't get angry when they fail. However, he may have overreacted for no explained reasons.
  13. The manga's second half expects the readers to "sympathize" with Jiro just because he was assumed to have failed at college. But, the fact that he abuses, pushes and tried to control Kaname in order to use him to study and make him a successful student. He had no sympathy in the past, unlike Kaname's, when he killed his wife's second unborn child, and literally abusing his wife and children in front of him just to prove himself that going to college is his "fulfilling dream".
  14. He treats his wife and children as "Slackers", "retards", "fools", and "idiots" who think they are "playing" around with him, due to being traumatized by failing at college.
  15. He maybe an abusive man, but as a parent, he acts very out of character for the following reasons:
    • Before Aya was adopted, Jiro murdered his wife's second biological child by punching the child's womb, rather than taking her to the hospital.
    • HYPOCRISY: He cares only that Kaname would only get perfect scores on his exams. But hates "average" scores that are just 98 percent on his son's exams whenever Jiro is upset as a disappointment.
    • He barely cares about Aya, but didn't realized that Kaname had been wandering and slacking off a lot lately for leaving the house in the morning, lately. But, assures that his son would come back and "beat" some sense back into him.
    • Since Kaname disappeared, he lost all hope and was forced to drink some alcohol, but hits his wife out of frustration because of his disappearance.
    • After Kaname was found, Jiro STILL didn't learn about his son's whereabouts when he was in a conversation with Detective Misumi, a month ago.
    • He punches and despises Kaname for leaving him for a month, and wants him to keep up with his studies and his actions would get him arrested.
  16. He doesn't have any acknowledgement with the Magical Girl Site, instead he just randomly uses Nijimi's panties to control whatever he wants and doesn't know how it works.
  17. He lacks any belief that the site admins needed to be destroyed for their dangerous, murderous tendencies.
    • He thought that using Nijimi's panties to control others can keep Kaname from studying day and night. But, doubts that his son will improve his grades and get him accepted to Tokyo University.
    • He doesn't care about Aya as his adopted daughter nor sharing her blood. But, tried to get rid of her because of what he had said to Aya (when he thinked that Aya was "attacking" his father, while she was just trying to protect him).
    • Jiro just forced one of the site admins, Juni to leave the house instead of destroying it.
    • Many minutes later, Juni returned to Aya's home and still continues killing Aya's family. However, The panties backfired when Jiro tells Juni to stop and dies from wasting lifespan.
  19. He is indeed rubbish than his son Kaname, who also changes from doing the wrongs for the rights, to just randomly becoming "evil" while using Nijimi's panties, despite he had no buildup, character development, and any motivation for his actions whatsoever just like him.
  20. He's like an abusive counterpart of Uncle Ben, the uncle of Peter Parker/Spider-Man if he is irresponsible and thinks that "with higher studying comes high expectations."
  21. He is less unlikeable than Kaname, Sarina and her friends.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. He is not evil as Kaname were to become. And of course, he's not as sociopathic and complexed as his son.
  2. Despite being abusive as mentioned before, he was a tragic man who is the "king of losers" with his education. Plus, he seems to reform himself in the new timeline when he no longer has to live up to his son's education and beating his son up as a disappointment.
  3. Since he was using Nijimi's panties, He would have saved his wife and children from the site admins if he didn't get over pushing Kaname into studying hard after his failure at college, many years ago.
  4. He has no mention that he abused Aya at all.
  5. His voice acting is good.


  • He is also responsible for making Kaname into a selfish scumbag after all the abuse.
  • Jiro can be compared to Zoken Mato, one of the main antagonists of Fate/Stay Night:
  • Both have reasons for being domestic abusers that treat their families, poorly.
  • There is a difference where Zoken is evil and wants to obtain the Holy Grail in order to become completely immortal along with disgracing his grandson, Shinji, whose neglect left him to torture his sister, Sakura. While Jiro is a short-tempered man who wants his son, Kaname to study hard and take him to Tokyo University. If his son fails or does it average, Jiro will hit him and is the source of Kaname's sadistic nature.
  • Both neglect and disgraced their family members with Shinji hating Sakura just like Kaname hating Aya, since both sisters were adopted.
  • Jiro can also be compared with Lady Tremaine, the cruel stepmother of Cinderella:
  • There is a difference where Jiro pushes Kaname into studying and beats him if he doesn't succeed, while Lady Tremaine pushes Cinderella as nothing more than a slave to keep her on chores.



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