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    Jimothy Brett Chadley III (Rumble)

    Jimothy Brett Chadley lll
    It is rather upsetting to see that a young orphaned street urchin is replaced by a total brat.
    Gender: Male
    Type: Generic Spoiled Rich Boy
    Age: Young Adult
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Ben Schwartz
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Rumble (2021)

    Jimothy Brett Chadley III is the secondary antagonist of the 2021 Paramount+ animated film Rumble. As a rich adult from Slitherpoole who is spoiled by his parents, he manipulated Tentacular into moving from Stoker so the stadium would be clear to be demolished for a parking lot. He is voiced by Ben Schwartz.

    Why He Is Intentionally An Ineffective Antagonist

    1. Jimothy is a generic spoiled brat and mean popular boy who is extremely selfish. He has almost nothing likable about him at all.
    2. He is very one note for a villain as all he does is act spoiled and talk on his cell phone constantly.
    3. Even though he is the secondary antagonist, he has done things that make him more than worthy of being the film’s true main antagonist. As he was the one who orchestrated the tear down of stoker stadium, he should be the main archenemy of Winnie Coyle but the film instead chooses to make Tentacular the main antagonist.
    4. After Tentacular is challenged by Steve to a championship match, Jimothy becomes completely forgotten about by the film despite his role, which makes him not only a pointless character but also a Karma Houdini.
    5. While the film is based on Monster On The Hill by Rob Harrell, Jimothy’s portrayal of the villain is a total insult to his graphic novel’s counterpart Timothy. He is depicted in the novel as a poor orphaned street urchin from Stoker who sells newspapers and just wants to be adopted and loved. Like Tentacular though, the character is completely rewritten for the film and had all of his redeeming qualities taken away to depict him as a villain instead of a hero. The name is even spelled wrong too.
    6. His status as a “Red Herring” villain to make Tentacular a “Twist Villain” is completely pointless as the twist villain cliche was already used on Tentacular at the beginning of the film before Jimothy’s introduction and it is very obvious that Jimothy is evil through his behavior. This manipulative sense of writing only exists just to shoehorn Tentacular into being the main antagonist of the film.
    7. While his character design is nice, it rips off other designs from animated cool looking young men including Allister Krei from Big Hero 6 and Hans from Frozen.
    8. He only seems to exist just to try to depict Slitherpoole as an evil city. However, Jimothy is the only character shown in the film who is from Slitherpoole, making the representation biased and inaccurate.
    9. His reasons for wanting Stoker Stadium to be torn down are very lame and generic as he is doing it just to force stoker citizens to watch matches in Slitherpoole and make more money in the process.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. Jimothy does have a cool character design for a villain.
    2. He was probably meant to be hated due to being one of the antagonists.
    3. Ben Schwartz did a good job voicing him. It also helps by the fact that this is the second Paramount Pictures that features him following Sonic the Hedgehog.


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