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    Jimmy Crystal
    You thought attempting murder is a great way to get revenge on someone who humiliated you? Think again.
    Gender: Male
    Type: Sadistic, doomsday, rude, insulting, bullying, nosy, racist and stuck-up villainous wolf
    Age: Adult
    Species: Arctic wolf
    Portrayed by: Bobby Cannavale
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Sing 2

    Jimmy Crystal (preferred as Mr. Crystal) is a major character and the main antagonist in Sing 2, the sequel to Sing. He is a ruthless Arctic wolf and a media mogul and runs a big palace Crystal Entertainment. He is also considered to be a threatening villain. He has a daughter named Porsha Crystal. He is voiced by Bobby Cannavale.

    Why He Intentionally Deserves to Look Like a Fool

    1. He is a very boring and generic villain that only cares about his reputation, doesn't want anybody making him look like a fool, alongside his daughter Porsha, doesn't want anyone thinking that Jimmy has a loser for a daughter.
      • Especially Buster Moon, as he lied to Crystal about Clay Calloway acknowledging him and his show, and Porsha making everyone think that Moon fired her, when he truly didn't, as he only wanted to re-switch roles with her and Rosita.
        • Although, Moon is lucky Crystal didn't know about him and his crew sneaking into the auditions room when they couldn’t get an appointment from the front desk.
      • Seriously, why go and cross the line and threaten their lives and try to kill someone for humiliating you when you could just calmly like, ask them to leave or something quite simple than that?
    2. Idiotic move: When he attempts to kill Buster the second time, he does it in front of the entire audience, including the staff too, where they can basically see him, especially when Moon fell through the scenery on stage. So he basically threw away his entire career, all for worrying about trying to kill Buster!
    3. He apparently doesn't care for Porsha either. At first, when Porsha was crying that she was “fired”, he was really rude to her, caring about him being embarrassed, than caring about her feelings. Then as she was back in the show, and during her performance, people don't think that she's a talentless loser as Crystal thought. And Crystal, he was not happy about it.
      • But to be fair, he did call the show off due to the false news about Moon firing Porsha, but he should’ve been happy that his daughter is back in the show and knowing that Clay Calloway had arrived to the show as Moon told him, then would consider the show back on as he got what he both wanted, but knowing that he called off the show and Buster Moon and his crew resumed the show behind Crystal’s back in a illegal way. So he that would be why he wasn’t happy. In another reason how he’s not nice to Porsha as he calls her a “spoiled little brat” just for not saying good night back to him, although Porsha is a bit of a brat though, that she was annoying and too dramatic and jumped into conclusions. Although, his behavior isn’t any better than hers and he is kind of the reason she acts spoiled, so it makes him somewhat of a hypocrite.
    4. What he has done literally made no sense to Moon, as when he got angry at Moon for lying to him about Clay Calloway, then when the false news spread out about Moon firing Porsha, as Crystal called in Moon to talk about that, as Moon got the news that Ash had convinced Clay Calloway to come to his show and was officially on his way, Moon thought and hoped that it was going to save him from trouble by Crystal, but did it really? Nope! Crystal didn't care about Calloway coming to the show anymore, instead only caring about Moon firing Porsha, making everyone in the world think that she's talentless and a loser, which humiliates him, so for him doing that, he willing fully and cruelly attempts murder on him.
      • It felt like he was extremely pressuring Moon with his aggressiveness (despite wolves who can be like that) as when Moon was trying to get Calloway to his show, he sent Miss Crawly to meet him, which failed, so Buster had to himself along with Ash. Getting a singer to come to a show isn’t easy, especially for a singer who hasn’t played music in 15 years after his wife died.
    5. Once he finds out Moon escaped, he sends his goons to find him and his gang.
    6. He badmouths Moon and his friends about what losers they are while he's being interview on TV. That wasn't very nice of him.
    7. It is never explained why Jimmy Crystal acts the way he does as no backstory is given for him that explains his severe anger issues, his bad behaviour, or what happened to his wife.
      • Although, Porsha was never meant to be in the show anyway, as Crystal only cared for Calloway going to be in the show which made him happy. Until Porsha showed up and wanted to jump and Moon didn’t let her, as after Rosita had suddenly gotten acrophobia (fear of heights), and after Porsha showed off her singing talent then now Crystal wants Moon to put her in his show or he will kill him if he doesn’t, which led to a big issue as Porsha was bad at doing the lead role as she and Rosita had to switch due to Rosita’s acrophobia.
    8. His assistant friend, Jerry, when Crystal got arrested, doesn't seem to care about what he did and says he's “innocent” when he literally tried to kill someone during the show.
    9. There was a scene when Jerry warned him about Moon illegally putting on the show, he gets out of bed naked, in front of Jerry and his guards. This is inappropriate for a kids movie.
    10. He is presumably really disrespectful to acrophobic or fat people. An example of this is during the first day of rehearsals backstage, he insults and acts racist towards Rosita when she collapses in fear of heights by asking, "Hey Moon, you really think the mommy pig's going to pull this off?"
    11. He's especially a cruel bully to his own assistant Jerry, who is usually very loyal to him and is willing to help with his crimes.
    12. There's even some filmgoers who try to defend his actions all because Buster lied to him about knowing Clay. Granted, Buster shouldn't have lied but that still does shockingly not excuse attempted murder in the slightest.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. He does run a nice palace and a wonderful theatre.
    2. Bobby Cannavale does a good job voicing him.
    3. Luckily Crystal's attempts to kill Moon failed, as Sing 2 is a family-friendly movie, and it would have been pretty sad if he was killed.
    4. He kind of has one likable moment where he tells Moon that his set designs are a disgrace, only to laugh it off and say he was joking.
    5. Despite being generic, he is the most threatening and evil villain in the Sing universe and any Illumination piece of media (alongside Bowser from The Super Mario Bros. Movie who can be seen as more threatening).
    6. His daughter, Porsha Crystal, is a much better character than him, and that's saying something.
    7. His design looks very great and passable to see, much like all of the Sing characters.
    8. He does gets his comeuppance at the end of the movie, where he gets arrested by Suki after attempting murder on Buster.
    9. It does make sense for him to be unlikable, since he was made to make viewers feel sympathy for Buster Moon and his friends.


    1. His voice actor, Bobby Cannavale, is known for his roles from other TV series and movies as Valiente and his father from Ferdinand and Spike the Bulldog from the 2021 Tom & Jerry movie as well as other roles on Boardwalk Empire, Ant-Man, and Will and Grace.
    2. He is the most threatening villain in all of Illumination films, including the Sing franchise.


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