Jian Yang

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Jian Yang
Yes. I eat the fish.
Gender: Male
Type: Annoying Racist Stereotype
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Jimmy O. Yang
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: 'Silicon Valley'

Jian Yang is a supporting character turned co-main antagonist of the HBO sitcom Silicon Valley. He is a Chinese app developer who formerly lived with Erlich Bachman. He has a quiet demeanor and has difficulty understanding and speaking the English language, but slowly becomes one of the Pied Piper team's most dangerous enemies after Erlich's death due to his desire to inherit the house and take control of Pied Piper.

He is portrayed by Jimmy O. Yang.

Why He Sucks

  1. He only existed in the first two seasons to be an annoyance to Erlich, with no personality or character development.
  2. He's a waste of Jimmy O. Yang's talent.
  3. His entire personality is stereotypical, and Yang had to speak with a "typical" Chinese accent to play the role even if he declined.
  4. He is unlikable, mean-spirited, and perverted, often taking advantage of Erlich and Big Head and sexually harassing Monica.
  5. The show changing him into a villain felt very forced, and his plan for a "new Pied Piper" that beats the company to the market but only in China is unrealistic.
  6. He constantly insults Erlich, even for small reasons, and when he gets rich he buys things to make Erlich feel bad.
  7. He is racist and dislikes Japanese and South Asian people.
  8. At one point in the final season, he holds young girls hostage in his house to create a "girls' coding camp". It backfires immediately.
  9. He tries to pass off Erlich as dead and kicks the Pied Piper team out of the house so he can inherit it.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Even with the accent, some of his dialogue is really fun and witty.
  2. It's impressive that Jimmy O. Yang, a Hong Kong native and Cantonese speaker from birth, learned Mandarin for some of his scenes.
  3. His prank calls on Erlich are pretty funny.
  4. He is better off as an antagonist, due to how bad he is.


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