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    "Yeah, I was on my way to clobber you!"
    Jewel’s hypothetical reaction to her flanderized self in Rio 2
    Gender: Female
    Type: Toxic Control Freak Wife
    Age: Adult
    Species: Spix Macaw
    Portrayed by: Anne Hathaway
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Rio 2
    First appearance: Rio
    Last appearance: Rio 2

    Jewel is the deuteragonist of the Rio franchise, she is Blu's mate, Carla, Bia, and Tiago's mother, Eduardo's daughter, and Mimi's niece. She was voiced by Anne Hathaway.

    Sadly, she was flanderized during most of the time in Rio 2, even if she was alright in the beginning and redeems herself in the end.

    Not-So-Beautiful Qualities That Can't Party

    1. First of all, she was flanderized from being a snarky but still mature and caring wife to being a selfish, toxic wife who makes decisions for her husband and their children.
    2. Like her father, she is also overly critical towards her husband. She and the rest of her tribe (except for Mimi) treated Blu like a outcast just because he was a domesticated bird and doesn't adapt well in the Amazon, which amounts to a lot of the movie.
      • She ignores the sacrifices that Blu made for her and their family in order to keep them happy despite his disagreement in the Amazon.
    3. She never does anything to stop Roberto's flirting with her, nor does she realize the mistreatment Blu receives from her tribe.
      • Speaking of which first, things got more awkward when Roberto flirted with her in front of Blu, and she never pays attention to it.
    4. She lived by hiding for much of the movie that she wanted to stay in the Amazon instead of returning to Rio, as if she was lying to Blu's face.
    5. She was in her absolute worst when she accused Blu of thinking about himself when she herself never thought about what he really felt, and she was the one who pressured him to go to the Amazon in the first place, making her a hypocrite.
    6. The film tries to make the viewer believe that she is right and Blu is the one who is wrong, but it fails miserably, generating the opposite effect.

    Beautiful Qualities

    1. She was a better character in the first movie, and in the sequel she was tolerable at the beginning and redeemed herself at the end.
    2. Anne Hathaway continues to do a good job voicing her.
    3. Before the final battle, she stops her father's mistreatment towards Blu, beginning her redemption.


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