Jet the Hawk (Sonic Free Riders)

Jet the Hawk is a character from the Sonic series, specifically the Sonic Riders spin-off series. While he's usually a likable character in Sonic Riders and Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity, he was unfortunately flanderized in Sonic Free Riders.

Jet the Hawk (Sonic Free Riders)
"Are you guys really THAT blind to your faults?!" - Jet being mean to Shadow and Rouge in Sonic Free Riders
"Sega, what have you done to me!?" - Jet's reaction when he was flanderized in Sonic Free Riders
Gender: Male
Type: Douchey, Selfish, Arrogant, Snooty, and Crabby Hawk who only cares for himself
Age: 14
Species: Hawk
Portrayed by: Michael Yurchak (English)
Daisuke Kishio (Japanese)
Status: Alive
Media of origin: Sonic Riders

Why There Was A Way He Was Gonna Lose

NOTE: This article only focuses on the character's portrayal in Sonic Free Riders, not those from the other two Sonic Riders games or other media since Jet in the other two Sonic Riders games or other media is a pretty likable character in general. Any attempts to add any loathsome moments of Jet's in the other Sonic Riders games or other media will be reverted immediately.

  1. He was flanderized from a cocky, teenagesque, and rebellious Extreme Gear rider who disliked cheating in the first two Sonic Riders games into an extremely mean, selfish, crabby, douchey, arrogant, snooty, and whiny jerk who gets bitchy over everything, much like that other bird character. Yes, Jet was never really a saint, but he was never that insensitive either, as he did care about his teammates and opponents, went on better terms with Sonic, and knew when to learn from his mistakes when he needed to. Because of this, he's flanderized into a Scrappy.
    • It should be noted that while Jet may have been arrogant in the original Sonic Riders and Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity as well as other media, at least it wasn't to that extent since it was usually played for laughs. Here, his arrogance was cranked and amped up to eleven in the worst way.
  2. He's just another male example of the mean popular boy trope.
  3. He's extremely snotty, stubborn, lazy, narcissistic, disrespectful, and even somewhat of a hypocrite, as he rudely asks Shadow and Rouge if they're "really that blind to their faults" when he (and Storm) belittles Wave all because they lost and she made a mistake of not tuning up their gears before the race, which goes to show that he's too overreactive at people making mistakes too.
    • He and Storm also blamed Wave for their loss, which also makes him a framer.
  4. He even goes as far as calling both Wave and Storm "useless". You know, the tech wizard behind Team Babylon's Extreme Gear and the one who would always be on his side (even if for his airheadedness). Usually, despite not being the best of friends, he cares for Wave and Storm and shares decent chemistry with them, but here, he's doing the exact opposite. As a result, he throws Wave and Storm under the bus.
    • Not only does he treat Wave and Storm like crap, but he also goes even further by bossing Wave and Storm around, lecturing them a lot and treating Wave as Team Babylon's scapegoat.
  5. He never receives any comeuppance for his actions in this game, making him a huge karma houdini.
  6. Michael Yurchak's portrayal of him is extremely annoying and whiny sounding. Think of Tails' VA in Sonic Heroes, but remove the cute childish charm it had, and you get this.
  7. He never apologizes to his teammates and opponents at the end of the game, and he stays like he was in the beginning, so he learned nothing.
    • To twist the knife, Wave is even forced to apologize in the cutscene where Jet and Storm mistreated her poorly, even though she didn't do anything wrong. In other words, not only is Wave Team Babylon's scapegoat, but this also results in her coming off as a Butt-Monkey and a wimp too, making her seem Unintentionally Sympathetic in this game compared to him. If anything, he (as well as Storm) should've been the one to apologize to her.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. To be fair, Jet was far more likable in the original Sonic Riders and in Riders Zero Gravity, and he made further appearances in the Mario and Sonic series, where he got his original personality back and redeemed himself, Sonic Dash Forces Speed Battle, and the IDW comics, where he is thankfully reverted to his original personality.
  2. He does have a nice moment where he wanted to rematch Sonic after an undeserved victory, so he hasn't lost that trait at least.
  3. He, as well as Storm, does get a fraction of comeuppance when Wave snapped at him and Storm back for berating her, so that makes it a "Take That, Scrappy!" moment for him in a way.
  4. While he doesn't apologize at the end, at least he doesn't mind going home empty-handed.
  5. Despite being mean to Shadow and Rouge, he at least compliments their skills.
  6. While Michael Yurchak's portrayal of him isn't great, Daisuke Kishio still does a great job voicing Jet in Japanese.
    • Michael Yurchak's portrayal of Jet would later improve in future games.


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