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    Jessica (Stitch!)
    "We tried not to make a big deal about it, so people won't get jealous. But aren't we in the Loathsome Characters Wiki?"
    Gender: Female
    Type: A pointless Japanese counterpart of Mertle
    Age: Unknown
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Yoko Hikasa (Japanese)
    Kate Higgins (English)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Stitch!

    Jessica (Japanese: レイカ, Reika) is a character from the anime series Stitch!. She is Yuna's second rival after Penny, replacing the latter in season 3. She is voiced by Yoko Hikasa in the Japanese dub, and Kate Higgins in the American dub.

    Why She Intentionally Deserves to Have Her Hair Ruined

    1. Despite being a Japanese counterpart to Mertle Edmonds, she looks nothing like her.
      • Her design looks like a reject Pretty Cure character with the styles and being a little girl while feeling like a poor man's ripoff of Mackenzie Hollister from Dork Diaries. In fact, her design is unfitting for a Disney show, as it fits more in an anime.
    2. She's just a stereotypical, mean popular girl who constantly picks on Yuna and Stitch.
    3. Her puns are cringe-worthy. Despite them not being funny, her friends still laugh at them (against their will).

    Redeeming Qualities That Intentionally Don't Deserve to Have Her Hair Ruined

    1. Jessica has a passable character design despite being unfitting, despite WS(I?)D'ttHHHR#1.
    2. Her voice actresses did a good job voicing her, thanks to Yoko Hikasa voicing Jessica in the Japanese dub and Kate Higgins voicing her in the English dub, respectively.
    3. Because of Jessica being a mean popular girl, it is possible that she is meant to be hated.
    4. She can be pretty funny at times, despite WS(I?)D'ttHHHR#3.

    Comments That Intentionally Deserve to Have Their Hair Ruined

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