Jeremy Locke and Philip Carson (Marvel Knights: Elektra)

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Jeremy Locke and Philip Carson
Jeremy Locke (Earth-616) from Elektra Vol 3 11 0001.jpg
Philip Carson (Earth-616) from Elektra Vol 2 11 0001.jpg
Before Keyaru from Redo of Healer, there were these guys.
Gender: Male
Type: Self-claimed "pacifists"
Age: N/A
Species: Human
Portrayed by: N/A
Status: Deceased
Media of Origin: Marvel Knights

Jeremy Locke and Philip Carson are characters from the 2001 Marvel comics series Marvel Knights: Elektra. They are known for their very hypocritical and narcissistic nature and making Elektra's mental health worse.

Why They Suck

  1. They over-complain and whine about Elektra's life of being an assassin and tend to hate on her as if she was a really bad person when she mostly only kills people who committed major crimes and atrocities.
  2. Their excuse of pacifism is very poorly done as they say they want to stop Elektra's violence yet do very horrible things to her and making her life worse than it already is.
  3. Very hypocritical as they hate how Elektra kills bad people yet they torture, drug and desert her to a wasteland. Making themselves even more insufferable and inhumane than her.
  4. They look at Elektra as if she was an irredeemable monster even though most of her killings are justified and did still a plethora of good deeds and did many things that a sane human would do. If they wanted her to be a less violent person they should've acted like an actual pacifist instead of doing horrible things to her and taking their revenge on her.
  5. They played with Elektra's emotions and made her mental conditions worse than they already are.
  6. They're both Karma Houdinis until issue 22 in which the writers didn't want Elektra to kill them off early despite the horrible things they did to her and trying to ruin her life.
  7. Their sadistic and hypocritical nature makes them no better than her and they're even more inhumane and monstrous than her.
  8. They think revenge and pacifism can be done at the same time when it really can't as being a pacifist you have to care for the person you want to stop fighting. Revenge is wishing harm, death and violent retaliation on someone that took your beloved thing from you.
  9. They're supposed to be written as sympathetic due to their soldiers and loved ones being killed by Elektra but fails miserably because of their irredeemable and inhumane actions against her. Making them more of a Hate Sink than coming off as sympathetic.
  10. Their morals are very twisted and horrible as they think as long if the person killed your loved ones and friends. You should torture and extract revenge on the culprit and make their lives miserable and revenge and pacifism can be done at the same time.
  11. They try to redeem themselves to Elektra though they do tone down their obnoxious rants on her when trying to help her by defeating members of The Hand. They still berate her and call her an "animal" and didn't apologize to what they did to her.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. They do care for their loved ones and soldiers deeply that got killed by her. Still that's no excuse to torture, desert, drug and play with her emotions.
  2. They got their comeuppance in Issue 22 where they got killed by members of The Hand.
  3. Some of their hypocrisy is exposed by Elektra so the readers can give them less sympathy and show how they acted worse than her.


  • Philip Carson's personality is very similar to the Disney version of Judge Claude Frollo as both have a twisted sense of justice, extremely sadistic and hypocritical, think highly of themselves and have a very large hatred on a female with long raven black hair whom they tend to look at as all evil even though they're more immoral and corrupt than the women they hate.


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