Jeff the Killer

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Jeff the Killer
Jeff the Killer.jpg
He's right; we really do need to go to sleep so we don't have to look at him anymore.
Gender: Male
Type: Psychotic Serial Killer
Age: 13
Species: Human
Media of origin: Creepypasta

Jeff the Killer also known as Jeffery Woods is the main antagonist of the creepypasta of the same name. He is one of the main antagonists of the creepypasta tropes.

Bad Qualities

  1. Very unoriginal concept: Jeff is an ordinary cliché serial killer who cut out his eyelids so he could stay awake and cut his mouth so he can always smile. He is somewhat ripping off The Joker and a generic serial killer character.
  2. Not to mention, his infamous quote "Go to sleep" is very poor and uninteresting, as all it'd refer to is the act of the victim dying.
  3. Poorly written origin story, with Jeff only becoming a psychotic murderer due to being bullied at the hands of 3 delinquents who scarred him. Infact, the rest of the story of him killing his family wouldn't have happened had he not gotten his infamous face burn and cuts, which in turn would not have happened had he not have even killed any of the bullies. At least have something more reasonable.
  4. No character development whatsoever (except from the 2015 remake).
  5. It's never explained how he gained fast reaction, rapid running speeds, etc.
  6. The story had too many clichés, that it was moved to Trollpasta Wiki.
  7. Very unoriginal name: No explanation required. In fact, it's supposed to be straight from the Jack the Ripper name.

Good Qualities

  1. His original creepypasta has an actual plot, lore, and some interest behind it.
  2. Jeff does gain character development in the 2015 remake and slightly redeemed himself in the story too. He now has a much more concrete and realistic reason to become a killer, and the whole remake is a MASSIVE improvement from the original.
  3. Jeff’s design, unlike Sonic.EXE's, is VERY unsettling nonetheless.
  4. Despite the stupid reason on why he goes insane, it's actually unfortunate because the bullies threatened him with knives and sometimes guns. So he has a depressing reason to be on this wiki.


  • The face of Jeff the Killer is a photoshop of an unidentified woman.


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