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    Jeff (Rock: It's Your Decision)

    "Everything that we do should be to glorify Jesus Christ!" *smashes vinyl record*
    Gender: Male
    Type: Religious, Bigoted Teenager
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Ty Taylor
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Rock: It's Your Decision

    Jeff is the main protagonist of the obscure 1982 religious anti-rock propaganda movie Rock: It's Your Decision. He's a Christian teenager who initially enjoys listening to rock music, but soon turns his back on the music genre after swearing off listening to it for two weeks and doing research on it at Brother Owen's insistence. He was played by Ty Taylor (not to be confused with the musician of the same name).

    Why He Rocks... NOT!

    1. For starters, he alienates all of his friends by swearing off listening to rock music and acting like a jerk towards them.
    2. Not only is he rude towards his friends, but also his mother.
    3. He is oblivious or irresponsible of his actions, as he pins the blame of being mocked and alienated entirely on his friends.
    4. He is a massive hypocrite, as he criticizes his friend Marty for playing rock music at his party, but in a later scene, he listens to rock music in his car.
      • Speaking of rock music, he initially has a problem with lyrics and song titles, but later on, he starts hating instrumental rock (which was played at Marty's aforementioned party) for no real reason.
    5. He seems to put no effort in researching rock music and doesn't list good reasons why the songs are supposed to be satanic and just goes by the titles and names alone, as his sermon speech at the end of the movie proves:
      1. He claims that the Rolling Stones' "Sympathy for the Devil" and "Dancing with Mr. D" are satanic, even though the former song was about Satan witnessing the atrocities of mankind and the latter song was about death, not the Devil.
      2. He claims that Jefferson Starship's "Dance with the Dragon" is satanic, even though the song is about the Chinese Year of the Dragon rather than a satanic dragon.
      3. He claims that Santana's "Soul Sacrifice" and "Evil Ways" are satanic, even though the former song is an instrumental and the latter song starts with the lyric "You've got to change your evil ways".
      4. He claims that various AC/DC songs, including "Rock & Roll Damnation", "Let There Be Rock", "Highway to Hell", and "Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be" are satanic, even though the songs are metaphors, and the last song is actually about a narcissistic man being tormented by a woman.
      5. He claims that songs by Barry Manilow, Rod Stewart and even Captain and Tennille are satanic due to having references to sex and magic, even though those references are mild and largely non-explicit.
      6. He doesn't even mention any Christian rock artists at all.
    6. At one point, He mentions that some rock artists are involved with the occult, but doesn't bother to explain the details.
    7. He claims that people dancing to the music is sinful and compares it to mind control, implying that human emotion is a sin, which is a very ridiculous claim.
    8. He is an implied homophobe, as he bashes certain rock artists just for being homosexual as an excuse to say why rock music is evil. To be fair, some Christians are homophobic, but that still doesn't excuse Jeff's actions.
    9. He never gets any sort of punishment for his actions, making him a karma houdini.
    10. The movie tries to portray Jeff's actions as heroic, but he just comes off as a bigoted jerk who attacks anyone just because they don't have the same religious beliefs as him.

    The Only Redeeming Quality

    1. He was okay for the first few minutes, especially the beginning, since here, he is a bit bratty, but very well meaning to Marty and his girlfriend and enjoyed rock music just like anyone and still kindhearted.



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