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    Jeeves Weevil (Courage the Cowardly Dog)

    Jeeves Weevil
    A companion for the Bagges looks like... a FLY! KILL HIM WITH A FLYSWATER!
    Gender: Male
    Type: Clever and Polite, but Gross-out and Manipulative Insect
    Species: Weevil (heavily resembles a fly)
    Portrayed by: Paul Schoeffler
    Status: Alive (as a tiny weevil)
    Media of origin: Courage the Cowardly Dog
    First appearance: Evil Weevil
    Last appearance: Evil Weevil

    Jeeves Weevil is a one-time character in the episode "Evil Weevil" from the Cartoon Network series Courage the Cowardly Dog. He was voiced by Paul Schoeffer.

    Why He Should Get His Blood Sucked

    1. To get Courage out of the farmhouse: He is a gross-out antagonist who loves to serve human blood after Muriel or Eustace indulges in pleasure, like massaging or eating pie.
      • Granted, Schwick is also an insect antagonist, but he is well-written and hilarious rather than gross-out.
    2. His design, while decent, does not resemble a weevil, as it looks more like a fly or a mosquito. Also, his design can give child audiences nightmares.
    3. His introduction is cruel, with Eustace not being aware of Jeeves being about to crush, thus leading to a minor hospitalization.
    4. In one scene, it is unknown if he sucks Muriel or Eustace while they are asleep; though, he sucks Eustace's blood instead, despite sucking him before that scene.
    5. Like other villains from the show, his design, while decent, looks very creepy and traumatizing for kids to look at.
    6. He even sucks Muriel's blood after Courage cleans dust that Eustace himself disintegrates, just so she can become a supermodel in the later scene. In reality, sucking people's blood can make them thin, but lacking energy and they can die easily.
    7. During the eating contest with Courage, not only did he eat boiled broccolis, but also rancid boiled broccoli, and it that had been between the weevil's toes for a week. This causes Courage to vomit the latter because of how disgusting it is and he attempts to suck Muriel, just so she can die.
    8. After he sucked Courage's blood, he said "STUPID DOG!", he kicks his legs, and leaves the house, this shows an unsatisfactory defeat and it shows a missed opportunity, why can't Courage use a flyswatter or an insect light trap (which Eustace used them in "Courage the Fly") so that there is a satisfying defeat?

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. Jeeves is an interesting antagonist who serves as a polite and cunning weevil butler that tries to suck blood for people's pleasure, though it is executed poorly.
    2. Paul Schoeffler did a good job voicing him.
    3. Even if Courage is unable to defeat him properly, he uses his proboscis to suck himself, he calls him "STUPID DOG!" and leaves.
    4. As mentioned above, his design is decent.


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