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    Jay Lawson
    You thought Mikey was the only troublemaking brat in Dhar Mann? Think again!
    Gender: Male
    Type: Rehash of Mikey
    Age: 10 (Debut)
    11 (Streamer Caught Cheating)
    12 (Kid Won't Listen to His Mother)
    13 (Jay Becomes Jewish)
    14 (14-Year-Old WON'T LISTEN To His MOM)
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Shaun Dixon
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Dhar Mann

    Jay Lawson is a fictional character formerly a recurring antagonist in the Dhar Mann video series, and the protagonist of Jay and Mikey. He is portrayed by Shaun Dixon.

    So You See, These Are Some (Intentional?) Bad Qualities That Need to Teach Him a Lesson

    1. He is basically a semi-rehash of Mikey Miller, as he does similar things like Mikey, such as skipping school exams, cheating in various exams and contests, etc. Additionally, unlike Eddie, he was introduced as a rip-off for no good reason whatsoever.
    2. He also constantly does bad and distasteful things to get what he wants. Here are some examples:
      • "Kid FAKES SICK NOTE to Skip Class, He Instantly Regrets It": Skips school like Mikey to get out of a school exam.
      • "KID FAKES Broken Arm To SKIP TEST ft. @TheLethalShooter": Faking a broken arm to get out of a school test.
      • "KID STEALS Tickets At FUN CENTER": Cheating in a arcade contest with Mikey.
      • "Kids Cheat MRBEAST For $1 MILLION": Cheating in a MrBeast contest with Mikey.
      • "Kid FLATTENS MOM'S TIRE To SKIP TEST": Purposely flattening his mom's car tire to skip the school exam.
      • "Jay & Mikey: The Boys Break Into a Superstore - Parts 1 & 2": Breaking into the superstore with Mikey and Noah.
      • "Mischief Mikey: Two Teens Break Out Of Jail Cell - Ep. 4": Trying to destroy the ankle monitors just to get out of house arrest just to see the Dhar Mann meet and greet (despite being falsely arrested in the previous "Mischief Mikey" episode).
    3. Similar to Thomas the Tank Engine from the Sharon Miller era of Thomas & Friends and Norman Price from modern Fireman Sam, when he supposedly learns his lesson at the end of the video, he forgets everything he's learned in the very next video.
      • An example of this is Jay receiving character development in "STREAMER CAUGHT CHEATING", but reverting back to his original personality in "KID STEALS Tickets At FUN CENTER". So what's the point?
    4. Continuing from the previous statement, his character development in "STREAMER CAUGHT CHEATING" has been completely thrown out the window in the next video, as in that one he apparently finally understood what mom meant, yet in the next, he continues his distasteful journey.
    5. Hypocrisy: He tells Mikey about the "What happens in the dark, always comes to light" life lesson in Kid FAKES SICK NOTE to Skip Class, yet he skipped school in that video and does distasteful things in other videos.
    6. He is often the main target of Butt-Monkey on various occasions with different characters, such as: Sergeant Stokes, his mother and even his best friend Mikey.
    7. He has a nasty habit of forgetting his mother's warnings that "rules are important".
      • Videos like "Kid WON'T LISTEN To His MOTHER, He Instantly Regrets It" and "KID WON'T Go To SLEEP AT NIGHT, He Lives To Regret It" clearly show this detail.
      • And even, in the first part of the episode of "Jay & Mikey": "The Boys Break Into a Superstore", he stated that "the rules are just meant to ruin your life", when in fact they are not. What an idiot of him.
    8. He can be unbearably naive, as in "Kid WON'T LISTEN To His MOTHER, He Instantly Regrets It", when he didn't believe his friend Derek that there really was a real kidnapper just because he thought it was the fake kidnapper that his mother hired him to teach him a lesson, and in the season 2 premiere of "Jay's World", when he couldn't believe his mother had given her card to him and his friends to spend just to teach them another lesson. This caused him to lose her card at one point, drove her car and ended up being caught by a police officer.
    9. He sometimes treats his mother very badly. For example:
      • In "Kid WON'T LISTEN To His MOTHER, He Instantly Regrets It" - despite being likable for the most part on that episode -, he did a lot of things wrong. When he starts sneaking into the kitchen to get a cookie, and after his mother finds out and forces him to give her the cookie, he eats it in an instant and even escapes his mother. And later on, he ignores his mother's rules before she leaves to play Poppy Playtime 2 on his iPad.
      • In "KID WON'T Go To SLEEP AT NIGHT, He Lives To Regret It" - another episode where he is likable for the most part -, he once again ignores his mother's warnings that "rules are important" just to play Fortnite on his Playstation 5, and after his mother hands him coffee and Red Bull just to teach him another lesson, he pushes her out of the room and slams the door in her face, making her furious.
      • In "14-Year-Old WON'T LISTEN To His MOM, He Instantly Regrets It", he acts as a total jerk to his mother, and was constantly breaking all of his promises with her. He didn't even said "hello" to his mother at the very beginning of the video!
        • It's okay that his mother gets to be much worse than him, since she did horrible things to her son, such as: letting him be kidnapped by a real kidnapper, leaving him involved in a hostage situation, getting him being tortured by Sergeant Stokes during his stay at East Point Academy, strangling him by the neck, threaten to hit him with a shoe, etc., but that doesn't excuse all the bad things he did to his own mother.
        • And even Mikey or Eddie would never do that kind of thing to their mothers and would never treat them that badly.
    10. Although he is likable in his own series and it is justified because of his age, he uses modern words like rizz which shows Dhar Mann is trying to be hip with the kids.
    11. After he was introduced, he is now often the focus or side character of way too many videos, which only shows Dhar Mann jumping the shark.
    12. He got flanderized into being even more of a troublemaker than he already was in the last two episodes of "Jay & Mikey", as he, along with Mikey and Noah, are at their absolute worst, as they break into the Superstore after he watched a YouTube video about a 24 hour challenge along with Mikey. It obviously proves that Dhar Mann doesn't care about the main characters and keeps making videos where they don't learn lesson from him.
    13. "No, God dang! Get out of my face!"

    Good Qualities That Have Been Taught a Lesson

    1. Like most of the other antagonists in the Dhar Mann video series, at least he gets his comeuppance for his antics.
    2. He is likable and well behaved in a handful of videos, such as:
      • "Kid Pulls Fire Alarm To Skip Test".
      • "Big Bro Has to SAY YES For 48 HOURS".
      • "Kid WON'T LISTEN To His MOTHER" (for the most part).
      • "Kid GETS TRAPPED In MINECRAFT" (for most part).
      • "KID WON'T Go To SLEEP AT NIGHT" (for the most part).
      • "Mom Sends BAD KID To MILITARY SCHOOL" (for most part).
      • "Kid Is Left HOME ALONE On Christmas" (for the most part).
      • "Kid Becomes A GROWN UP For 24 HOURS" (for the most part).
      • "11-Year-Old ARRESTED AT SCHOOL".
      • "Jay & Mikey (Episodes 1-5)".
      • "Mischief Mikey: Kid Makes Plane Land To Skip Test - Ep. 3" (he was falsely arrested and taken to jail).
      • "Jay's World: Problem Kid GOES TO WAR with BABYSITTERS" (for the most part).
      • "3 TEENS Must Solve Mom's MURDER CASE".
    3. Adding onto GQ#2, he is shown to be likable in his own series "Jay & Mikey", until the two last episodes where he was flanderized.
      • He became likable in "Noah's Arc" along with Mikey, as he doesn't cause any trouble.
    4. Shaun Dixon does a good job with his role as Jay, as he is more expressive and not stale, unlike most Dhar Mann actors.
    5. He is probably intended to be a bad character. Plus, his mom does not help with the situations in a good fashion and constantly abuses him, which is could be the reason why he never learns his lesson and why he has a compulsive behavior towards her.
      • Because of much he misbehaves, it is clearly most likely that Jay Lawson is made to be hated.
    6. And speaking of his mom, he is much better than her, considering most of the time it's mainly his mom who starts the drama and she treats him badly 24/7.
    7. He is much smarter than Mikey and he can be really cool sometimes. For example:
      • In "Kid WON'T LISTEN To His MOTHER", he managed to use a kidnapper's knife to get rid of the rope that tied him to the chair just by tilting the chair a few times until he reached the table where the knife was, held it by the mouth, managed to leave the knife fell to his hands in a very ingenious and impressive trick and he managed to cut the rope to get rid of it, which made him manage to escape from the kidnapper, and eventually, he was arrested.
      • In "STREAMER CAUGHT CHEATING", he tried to tell Mikey that cheating while live-streaming is wrong, and sides against him for doing such an act.
      • In "Mom Sends BAD KID To MILITARY SCHOOL", he and Cadet Thompson managed to pull off several pranks on inspection of Sergeant Stokes while he was sleeping after having a sleep attack from the sleeping pills that Jay put in his water bottle while he went to the staff bathroom.
      • In "14-YEAR-OLD is Forced to BECOME A DAD" of Jay's World, he puts ghost pepper sauce in his mom's spaghetti for all of the abuse she gave him all this time.
      • In "Kid Is Left HOME ALONE On Christmas", he managed to set up several pranks in order to capture the thieves after they cut the power to his house.
        • Also, the video mentioned above could be a possible and clever Home Alone reference.
    8. You can feel pity for him when he is abused by the other characters, especially by his mom, Mikey and Sargent Stokes.
    9. He does have funny moments at times, such as:
      1. "Jay’s World: Jay Becomes Jewish”, he faints while reading a pamphlet about circumcision given to him by his rabbi.
      2. “Kid FAKES SICK NOTE to Skip Class”, he turns his head real quickly in shock after Mikey told the clerk that Jay likes to dress like a girl sometimes in order to get into a fitting room.
      3. "Kid WON'T LISTEN To His MOTHER", he freaks out and screams while a kidnapper duct tapes his mouth and takes him away.
    10. He does have memorable and relatable quotes during his moments, such as:
      1. “You could baskely bong bong us, but if you’re a real man, you’d play us for it.”
      2. “Bro, the others are dog water!”
      3. "I don't think I'm worth that much, maybe try a smaller amount and you'll actually have a chance of getting it?"
      4. “I’m too young to go through all of this heartbreak, AAAAHHHH!”
      5. “I see your Christmas, I raise you Hanukkah."
      6. "You're really going to underestimate the rizzler?"
      7. "Bomb-tastic side eye."
      8. "It's black don't crack."
    11. Despite his misbehavior, he is at least not as bad as Mikey, as well as Eddie Valentino to an extent and doesn't do a lot of wrong things compared to them.


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