Jasper Dunlop (Henry Danger, seasons 1-3)

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Jasper Dunlop (Henry Danger, seasons 1-3)
Jasper (34).jpg
He's got a lot of problems, more than you'd think.
Gender: Male
Type: Unlikable, Idiotic Loser
Age: 13-14 (season 1)
14-15 (season 2)
15-16 (season 3)
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Sean Ryan Fox
Media of origin: Henry Danger

Jasper TBD Dunlop is one of the tritagonists in Henry Danger. He, Charlotte, and Henry are all best friends. He has a rivalry relationship with Henry's sister Piper.

Bad Qualities

  1. Just like Ray, he's unlikable mainly for his stupidity.
  2. He used to have a creepy (depending on your view) obsession with buckets in the first 2 seasons.
  3. Even though some characters with bad or overprotective mothers are good, his mother is the worst of them all and Jasper's actions show the result of this.
  4. He wasn't a good choice for cashier of Junk 'n Stuff.
  5. Due to all the bad things he's done, he might be a bad influence on little kids who watch the show.
  6. Like other Henry Danger characters, he can also be his normal self in seasons 4-5.
  7. He's bad at telling the truth as in "Jasper Danger" he told his girlfriend that he was Kid Danger (hence the title) and never told her in the end.
  8. He seems to be gullible as he used the girl's bathroom in the episode "One Henry, Three Girls" after Piper told him to.
  9. He's very creepy and can get very desperate to get a girlfriend.
  10. Even if Ray wasn't likable in the first 3 seasons and even though he's indestructible, Jasper tortured him 2 times as he hit him with a toy box and with a baseball bat. Plus, the toy box thing happened when he wasn't indestructible.

Good Qualities

  1. He started to improve in the final 2 seasons as he became slightly more intelligent (but still idiotic) and had more good moments.
  2. Even if he was a bad character, he's still a pretty nice boy.
  3. Thankfully, he started to give up his love of buckets in season 3.
  4. He had some funny lines like "I'm starting a worm farm".
  5. He has some likable moments.


  • Jasper has a cat, as revealed in The Danger Begins.
  • Jasper thinks that Henry and Charlotte are exes because he doesn't know that they were pretending to date.
  • According to his bio, he is currently 5'7.
  • In an Instagram live stream, Sean Ryan Fox said that if Jasper were to have a superpower, he would want it to be super-strength.
  • Apparently, his middle name, TBD, was made because his parents were gonna give him a middle name on their anniversary but came up with nothing.


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