Jared Shapiro (The Powerpuff Girls, 2016)

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Jared Shapiro (The Powerpuff Girls, 2016)
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Cartoon Network, If you want to create a likable love interest for one of the main characters, he/she should have at least a personality or be well-written, or else something bad might happen with this guy...
Gender: Male
Type: Blossom’s Unnecessary Boyfriend
Age: 9-11
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Jake Goldman
Status: Alive
Media of origin: The Powerpuff Girls (2016)

Jared Shapiro is a recurring character in the 2016 reboot of The Powerpuff Girls. He's Blossom's love interest and crush. He's infamous for his lack of personality and almost ruining the Brick x Blossom relationship but mostly because of his resemblance to writer & voice actor Jake Goldman leading to accusations of Jared being a romantic stand-in.

Why He is NOT Worthy to Become Blossom's Boyfriend

  1. Two words: Child sexualization. He appears to be much older than Blossom as he's like 9-11 whilst Blossom is like 5-6.
  2. Their relationship with each other feels very forced, cringe-worthy, dull, bland, and creepy since as mentioned above, he's older than Blossom.
    • The interactions between him and Blossom are very awkward.
    • Blossom is frequently seen as having bizarre and awful fantasies about him. For example, look at this picture.
    • In fact, the character received overwhelming dislike from the fans of the original show, who criticized him for ruining the popular fan-made " Brick and Blossom " ship that was popular among the fanbase. Many fans even posted hate art to show their hate towards the character, where they promote the " Brick and Blossom " ship and despise the relationship between Blossom and Jared.
  3. Even though he's supposed to be an elementary school student, he looks more a preteen older than Blossom.
  4. He's nothing but a satellite love interest who shows no personality traits except the fact that he's a nerd stereotype and a love interest of Blossom.
  5. His design is very mediocre, and it even loosely resembles Andrew Goldberg from Big Mouth. His head is ridiculously big compared to his tall, preadolescent body, which looks like a disproportionately ugly Mii character.
  6. He was modeled after and voiced by series lead writer Jake Goldman. But, the interactions between the character and Blossom are no less creepy. Many accused Jared of being a self-insert of Goldman because of the character's poor design.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Him getting sick from the cookie Blossom offered him in "Never Been Blissed" is what he deserved.


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