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    Jameson Locke
    "Jameson Locke. Ex-ONI Acquisitions Specialist. Fancy name for a hitman, that. But looking at your record, you enjoyed your work." -Cortana. (Cortana has spoken. Locke is no true Spartan but a true demon!)
    Gender: Male
    Type: Controversial Brunt of the Halo games

    The pre-Jeffy of Halo
    The True "Demon" of Halo 5

    Age: 31 (Born March 15, 2539)
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Ike Amadi
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Halo
    First appearance: Halo 5: Guardians

    Jameson Locke (service number: 73808-3153-JL) is a Spartan-IV character from the science fiction video game franchise Halo and a protagonist of Halo 5: Guardians. He has received poor reception as a character overall. He was voiced by Ike Amadi.

    Why He's the Real "Demon" Who Doesn't Deserve to Hunt the Truth

    1. He had a lot of potential to be a well-written character, but that potential was thrown out of the window.
    2. He takes up way more missions in Halo 5 than Master Chief and Blue Team do!
    3. He caused Halo 5's likeability to downgrade. In other words, he, along with the rest of Fireteam Osiris (except Buck and especially Holly Tanaka), ruined the game, as hinted at in pointer #2.
    4. He ruins Jul's potential and character arc by killing him off unfairly without giving him a chance to stay alive until what would have been his final battle against Thel as also hinted at in pointer #2.
    5. Compared to the members of Blue Team, he barely resembles a Spartan supersoldier and is more like someone out of RoboCop met Vanquish and Crysis.
    6. Despite his experience working with ONI (Office of Naval Intelligence), he is nowhere near as powerful as the Spartan-IIs of Blue Team (Chief, Fred-104, Kelly-087, Linda-058).
      • ONI is also known to be a dangerous shadow organization in the Halo lore.
    7. He managed to crack Master Chief's helmet visor, but ultimately was defeated by it.
    8. He made Buck a punching-bag as he used an armor lock on him which was mean-spirited of him to do that and almost got him killed twice throughout the campaign.
    9. He and the rest of Osiris (sans Buck) are the fault for Master Chief to disobey his orders with Infinity.
    10. What is also worse is that he and the rest of Osiris (sans Buck again) are the ones who caused Blue Team to destroy Argent Moon after Jul's Covenant fleet arrived and caused the Covenant forces to invade Nuusra on Sanghelios, slaughtering many Sword of Sanghelios stationed here and to almost kill one of the beloved iconic characters, the Arbiter Thel 'Vadam. Also, he actually intends to kill Thel during the Human-Covenant War but barely does anything about it and literally fails at it.
    11. Also, they were first sent to deal with Cortana yet they were sent to find and capture Master Chief which makes no sense on why they suddenly doubt that Cortana was behind this.
    12. Even if he had potential, he wasn't even good to begin with as he wants to hunt down the Master Chief and when he somehow beats Master Chief in one of the trailers, he actually intends to shoot the iconic main character of the franchise while unfairly taunting him!
    13. He is idiotic for not realizing that Palmer is the one who shot Halsey in the arm that her arm had to be removed and just blames it entirely on Jul.
    14. For some reason, he and the rest of Osirirs (mostly Tanaka and Vale) didn't bother helping out with evacuating the rest of the civilians from Meridian besides the ones fighting the Created forces with them whom they failed to protect from a single Guardian EMP which did enough damage to killed these civilians besides Osiris.
    15. In Halo Infinite, he idiotically got himself defeated again this time by Hyperius offscreen and just lost his helmet and chest armor plating to him as his trophies, even though he did deserved it for ruining Halo 5 but he still got his own potential of redemption ruined by not only not learning his lesson but flanderized into being a pointless filler character as a result.
    16. Like Palmer, he does not show remorse for his own actions for killing Jul and causing Blue Team to disobey orders which creates consequences.
    17. In other words because of his actions, his crimes and his faults, he's a real DEMON!
    18. In comparison with Jeffy, both of them are responsible for both franchises to go downhill and the main reasons why both Halo and SML are in the dark age.

    "The Light is Green" Qualities

    1. Ike Amadi does a decent job voicing him.
    2. He was slightly better in the miniseries Halo: Nightfall.
    3. His armor, the MJOLNIR Hunter, is actually a cool-looking set of armor at least.
    4. He's modeled on Mike Colter. Colter also voiced him in Nightfall and the Halo 2 remaster, although his voice acting was considered flat by some.
    5. Despite how he made Buck a punching-bag and got him to a near-death experience twice, he was the only member of Osiris who did save his life unlike Tanaka and Vale.
    6. Despite how he was the reason for the Covenant to try to kill Thel, he did save his life and helped him fight against Jul's Covenant to liberate Sanghelios during the battles of Nuusra and Sunaion, though it's not enough to fully redeem himself for his actions of killing Jul spilled consequences.
    7. Although he did ruin his potential of redemption in WHS #9 by idiotically getting himself defeated by Hyperius and lost his helmet and chest plate to him in Halo Infinite, but again he did deserve it as a comeuppance for causing Halo 5's likeability to downgrade.
    8. One Unggoy in Jul's Covenant did have a right to call Locke a coward and insists to have him take off his armor which was hilarious.
    9. Though Cortana was downgraded into a villain in Halo 5, she did have a right to taunt Locke and the other members of Osiris (mostly Vale and Tanaka) for not being true Spartans like the IIs and IIIs.


    • In one of the Halo 5 campaign missions, there is a glitch in the co-op that allows players to assassinate Locke, thus causing someone playing as him to spectate the other players for the remainder of the mission.


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