Jake Oswalt (Life's a Zoo)

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Jake Oswalt
Jake Oswalt (Life's a Zoo).jpg
"No matter what happens in my life, come hell or high water. You will never catch me kissing another guy, unless it's an accident, or if he looks a lot like a girl, like that guy I made out with in Thailand."
Gender: Male
Type: Pervert
Species: Pig
Portrayed by: Kurt Firla
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: 'Life's a Zoo'

Jake Oswalt is a Canadian pig who is one of the 7 contestants from the stop motion animated series, Life's a Zoo.

Why He (Intentionally) Sucks

  1. Jake is an egotistical, delusional, perverted asshole.
  2. He constantly lusts after people, especially Minou, as he often spies on her.
  3. He has an obsession with Minou and even thought they would have sex before the season ended.
  4. When he was trying to cheat his way into winning the weight loss challenge in the episode, Live And Let Diet, he thought it was a good idea to get a liposuction. However, he didn't win the challenge.
  5. He constantly rolls his nipples, masturbates, and humps on national TV.
  6. How he joined Life's a Zoo was by accidentally walking into the audition trailer, mistaking it for a sperm bank.
  7. His character design is straight-up ugly.
  8. He's so much of an alpha bastard that he gives Drake a run for his money.
  9. Jake is shown to be a hypocrite in the episode, Scared Shirtless, as he had all of the other contestants' vices, even though he told them not to use them.
  10. Jake constantly lies to the audience.
  11. In case if he didn't win the competition, he rigged the house to explode, which it did in the series finale. To make matters worse, there was nothing he could do about it.


  1. Jake is the shortest contestant on Life's a Zoo.
  2. He was the first contestant to be eliminated in the first season and the runner-up in the second season, or at least until Chi-Chi forfeited her prize to him.
  3. He is voiced by Kurt Firla.
  4. He and Rico are the only contestants Chi-Chi never had sex with.
  5. After the show ended, Jake became Ray's servant in the rebuilt mansion.


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