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    NOTE: Please have massive respect for Jaimito's actor, Raul Padilla, who died on February 3rd, 1994. May he rest in peace.

    Jaimito, el Cartero
    Quiero evitar la fatiga...
    Gender: Male
    Type: Lazy Postman
    Age: Unknown
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Raul Padilla (original series)
    Leonardo Garcia (cartoon version, seasons 1-5)
    Hector Miranda (cartoon version, seasons 6-7)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: El Chavo del Ocho

    Jaimito, el Cartero (also known as Manny the Mailman in the English dub of the animated series) is a character from the Mexican series El Chavo del Ocho, played by Raul Padilla. He had his debut in the last year of the classic series, after Ramón Valdez left the cast. The character appears in both the original live-action series and the 2006 cartoon. He is an elderly, lazy postman who often tries to avoid doing any work to avoid fatigue and comes from the real Mexican city of Tangamandapio (known as Upsidedowntown in the English dub of the animated series).

    Malas Cualidades (Bad Qualities)

    1. The character was notoriously introduced as a replacement for Don Ramón in 1979, which caused a decline in quality in the series, as many fans consider Don Ramón to be the best character on the show.
    2. He does not have much personality, being characterized only as a old and lazy man who tries to avoid his own work and uses the excuse that he does this to avoid fatigue.
    3. His lines are among the most bland and forgettable in the series.
    4. In the 1980s, the character received part of Don Ramón's characteristics, such as the fact that he was not indebted to the rent with Señor Barriga for 14 months. However, he does not have the same charm as Don Ramón.
      1. He continues to be indebted to Señor Barriga's rent in the cartoon, which doesn't make sense because Don Ramón is also present in the cartoon.
    5. His lines about him being originated from Tangamandapio are more frequent in the cartoon at a point where he becomes one of the most annoying characters in the cartoon. This was a terrible attempt by the producers of the cartoon to try to make Jaimito look more unique and funny.

    Buenas Cualidades (Good Qualities)

    1. He is likeable in the episodes in which he appears in 1979.
    2. He's funny in the episode "Ayuda al trabajador".
    3. Even though he only appeared in a few episodes from the 70s (when El Chavo del Ocho was an independent series), he became a memorable character for many fans.
    4. Raúl Padilla does a very solid acting job on him.


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