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Jailbreak emoji movie.png
“And remember everyone, she is a strong independent woman, who don’t need no man” - I Hate Everything
Gender: Female
Type: Satellite Love Interest/Mary Sue
Age: Young Adult
Species: Princess Emoji
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: 'The Emoji Movie'

Jailbreak (real name Linda) is the tritagonist, and the love interest, later girlfriend of Gene Meh in the critically panned The Emoji Movie. She is voiced by Anna Faris.

Why She Can't Break Out of Jails

  1. She, looks and acts like a discounted rip-off of Wyldstyle from The Lego Movie and Olivia "Sombra" Colomar from Overwatch, both in personality and character design because all three characters have blue hair (or purple for Sombra) and are notorious hackers.
  2. She gets no character development for most of the movie and has very flat characterization throughout the movie other than revealing that she was formerly a princess. (Well, in hindsight every character in The Emoji Movie has this same problem.)
  3. Her relationship with Gene feels forced, bland and dull.
  4. Basically, she is almost a Mary Sue with no personality other than being a strong, independent female character, who mostly exists to promote girl-power.
    • Speaking of girl-power, she spends two moments complaining about how sexist she perceives the society she lives in to be, but then changes back to her former self in the end of the movie, (the princess emoji) which as mentioned above she assumed as sexist, hereby making her look like a complete hypocrite. Other than that, she usually talks about what other things not related to feminism, including the princess and birds thing being a myth, and her motivations.
    • Not only that, her claim of female emojis being only princesses and brides falls flat on its face when considering Mary Meh (Gene's mother) and Smiler are both females that aren't princesses or brides. In fact, the latter was even the original emoji and founder! There no reason Jailbreak shouldn't be able to go as a hacker.
  5. She is also an example of a satellite love interest, which is to say a love interest of the main character who is underdeveloped.
  6. Her voice acting is shockingly mediocre.
  7. She, along with her friends, didn't show any mercy for Akiko Glitter (from Just Dance) and other likable characters that were deleted from existence and were responsible for all the destruction.
  8. In The Emoji Movie: Junior Novelization, her temper is even worse. This can be blamed on Hi-5, who was made into an even more insufferable character in that book.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Her design is somewhat decent, like every Emoji Movie character, despite it being unoriginal.
  2. She does have her weaknesses, such as the inability to enter the cloud alone and dance, which at least doens't make her a complete Mary Sue.
  3. At least she apologized to Gene for what happened in the Cloud.
  4. In the short film found on the DVD, Blu Ray, and some of the HD digital copies, titled Jailbreak Decoded, some of her bad characterization is justified as her strict single mother had treated her unfairly as a child. Some of her characterization is also explained in the book adaptation, The Emoji Movie: Break Out.


  • Jailbreak was originally set to be voiced by Ilana Glazer in the film, but for unknown reasons, she was replaced by Anna Farris for the role.


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