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Jade West is a main character from the Nickelodeon series, Victorious. She is Tori's former nemesis and Cat's best friend. She was played by Elizabeth Gillies.

Jade West (Victorious)
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I'm a savage, classy.
Gender: Female
Age: 16-17
Portrayed by: Liz Gillies
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: Victorious

Why She Sucks

  1. She is rude to almost everyone around her and personally attacks people when things don't go her way.
    • For example, she went into a rage when she couldn't do her play and destroyed Tori's prom to get revenge on her. Lesson learned! Two wrongs make a right!
  2. She doesn't treat anyone with respect and has major temper issues.
  3. She often takes advantage of students with lower status. She makes people like Sinjin and Robbie help her with something and doesn't even bother to thank them.
  4. She is a complete bully and is really rude to Tori for little to no reason.
    • In Pilot, she humiliated her and made her act like a dog in front of the whole class.
  5. She likes to talk about things that are gross and disturbing.
  6. She was pretty unlikable in Brain Squeezers" along with Tori Vega (Victorious).
  7. She often treats Cat as if she is just a pet. It seems like she insults her just to make herself look good.
  8. She gets little to no consequences when she does something illegal and gets away with it.
    • For example, in Tori Gets StuckTTSW she did a handful of illegal things, like looking at someone's medical records without permission, and purposefully misplacing a patients blood just so she could be in a play.
    • She also made a fake ID of her to get into a competition. In real life, doing things like that could actually get you in jail.
    • She was also super unlikable in that episode. She kept crying over over not getting a stupid part.
    • In The great ping-pong scam" she apparently thinks it's a good idea to steal money from the school.
  9. Her imitations of Tori's voice, her insults, and her jokes aren't good at all. (despite the laugh track)
    • For example, in The Bird Scene she simply grabs a marker and writes "stupid" on Tori's locker, and the laugh track practically roars at that.
  10. She's just another mean popular girl.
  11. She is seriously obsessed with Beck and freaks out when he talks to other girls.
  12. She often threatens to hurt someone when they're doing something she doesn't like.
  13. This character had very little development throughout the whole show.
  14. She seems like another nickelodeon failed attempt to make a "bad girl" (they just created a monster!)

Redeeming Qualities

  1. She's still talented. In Tori fixes Beck and Jade she gave an outstanding performance for You Don't Know Me which was written by Elizabeth Gillies herself. It is the only single sung by a side character in the whole show.
  2. Liz is a nice person in real life.
  3. She's not all bad, and shows signs of kindness in later episodes. For example, when she felt sympathy for Cat, who had been living in the school attic because her parents moved away. When she later appeared in Sam & Cat, she actually didn’t mind that Nona wasn’t living with Cat anymore, after she meet Sam, Cat’s current roommate, and they became very good friends, as both had similar personalities, and Jade knows that Sam was taking good care of Cat.
  4. She does have a lot of funny moments.


  • Liz Gillies is best friends with Ariana Grande.
  • She returns for a spinoff episode in Sam & Cat and is (slightly) less rude.




3 months ago
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"Slapping redheads!!"


3 months ago
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2 months ago
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something that is nice about victorious is that at least she unlike sam pucket if she receives karma in several episodes in deference to megan parker or sam pucket who never receive consequences for their actions at least jade if she gets karma constantly and is more pleasant than both previously named characters


2 months ago
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The truth about Jade is that she acts like she can hurt you, when she really can't. Sam is the unpredictable kind of character. It's pretty annoying how she's mean to Freddie for no apparent reason.


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Jade's all talk!


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