Jade West

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Jade West
Jade West (Victorious).jpeg
"No! 15 years ago, Your mother gave birth to the wrong thing," Yeah and we are looking at it.
Gender: Female
Type: The bad girl
Age: 16-17
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Liz Gillies
Status: Alive
Media of origin: Victorious
Sam & Cat

Jade West is one of the main characters of the Nickelodeon series, Victorious. She is Tori's former nemesis and Cat's best friend. She was played by Elizabeth Gillies.

Why She's "The Wrong Thing"

  1. She is rude to almost everyone around her and attacks people when things don't go her way.
    • For example, she went into a rage when she couldn't do her play and destroyed Tori's prom to get revenge on her. Lesson learned! Two wrongs make a right!
  2. She doesn't treat anyone with respect and has major temper issues.
  3. She often takes advantage of students with lower status. She makes people like Sinjin and Robbie help her with something and doesn't even bother to thank them.
  4. She is a complete bully and is really rude to Tori for little to no reason.
    • In Pilot, she humiliated her and made her act like a dog in front of the whole class just because she cleaned up a coffee spill on Beck.
    • During their fake fight scene, she pretended that Tori hit her and gave her a black eye, landing Tori in detention.
  5. She likes to talk about things that are gross and disturbing and also inappropriate for kids show.
  6. She was pretty unlikable in Brain Squeezers, where she's basically upset that her "friend" got something good. Just because a good thing happened to Tori, doesn't mean it was a good idea to commit identity theft and unfairly enter the competition. (That May have been partly Tori’s fault for rubbing it in.)
  7. She often bullies weaker characters like Cat. It seems like she insults her just to make herself look good. Ironically making her come off as weak, seeing as those she picks on don't fight back.
  8. She gets little to no consequences when she does something illegal (or just plain mean) and gets away with it. This makes her a Karma Houdini.
    • For example, in Tori Gets Stuck she did a handful of illegal things, like looking at someone's medical records without permission, and purposefully misplacing a patients blood just so she could be in a play.
      • She was also super unlikable in that episode. She kept whining over Tori not choosing her. And same with Steamboat Suzy, she kept whining over not getting a part.
    • In Brain Squeezers, She also made a fake ID of her to get into a competition. In real life, doing things like that could actually get you in jail.
    • In The Great Ping-Pong Scam", she apparently thinks it's a good idea to steal money from the school.
    • In The Gorilla Club, she exhausted both Robbie and Andre with the Hammer Dance and even humiliated Andre in front of a girl he was talking to.
  9. Her imitations of Tori's voice, her insults, and her jokes aren't good at all. (despite the laugh track)
    • For example, in The Bird Scene, she simply grabs a marker and writes "stupid" on Tori's locker, and the laugh track practically roars at that.
    • And "Only the people who help find the letter get to come" and "Who me why I'd never hurt my dear sister Trina, not me Sweet Sally Peaches", and the laugh track suddenly howls at these infamous and nerve-crawling Tori-mitations.
  10. To sum it up, she’s just another mean popular girl.
  11. She is seriously obsessed with Beck and (for some reason) goes ballistic and overreacts when he talks to other girls, thus making their relationship extremely toxic.
  12. She, alongside Tori, has done some pretty unsuitable, inappropriate things that look very out of place for a Nickelodeon kids' show, evident when:
    • In "Prom Wrecker", she somehow sneaking a shrimp into Tori's bra. When Tori licked the top of her punch can... Jade still drinks it with a satisfied look on her face. This is one of 2 different episodes that show they don't really mind drinking after each other.
    • In "Tori and Jade's Play Date", there was a deleted scene of Jade yelling at Tori's butt. Jade looks at Tori's specific "suitor" and she has a similar irritability towards all of Tori's (one-episode) boyfriends.
    • When Tori sat on Cat and spanked her, Jade joined Tori in sitting on Cat's back.
  13. She also has plenty of other sexually suggestive scenes, usually by hint, and those are often done for the sake of comedy, but they come off as uncomfortable and inappropriate rather than funny.
    • In the aforementioned episode "Tori and Jade's Play Date", Jade appears to slap Tori's butt during the performance of their song. Not to mention later she's licking her lips from the same hand she slapped her butt with while she was walking toward Tori.
  14. She often threatens to hurt someone when they're doing something she doesn't like. Or sometimes she might just threaten them for fun.
  15. This character had very little development throughout the whole show.
  16. She seems like another Nickelodeon failed attempt to make a "bad girl" (they just created a monster!)
  17. She's all bark with no bite, as seen with her interaction with a female prisoner. If not for Tori, she would have been dead.
  18. She is a Faux Action Girl.
  19. She had a bad childhood and a strained relationship with her father, but since that was never developed in the series, it seems like it was just put there to make her "sympathetic".

Redeeming Qualities

  1. She was tolerable in season 1, where she was more of a mean friend than a toxic psychopath to Tori.
  2. She's still talented. In Tori fixes Beck and Jade she gave an outstanding performance for You Don't Know Me which was written by Elizabeth Gillies herself. It is the only single sung by a side character in the whole show.
  3. Even if she treats Tori like crap, there are several times where she's actually decent to Tori. When Tori chose to take the punishment for "hitting" Jade even knowing she faked it, Jade decided to pay her back by helping her scrape food off the wall for a food fight scene. In "Tori Goes Platinum", when she sees Tori not kiss Beck out of respect for Jade, she feels guilty and pays her back by giving up singing at the Platinum Awards and returning it to her.
  4. She's not completely heartless and shows signs of kindness in later episodes. For example, when she felt sympathy for Cat, who had been living in the school attic because her parents moved away. When she later appeared in Sam & Cat, she actually didn’t mind that Nona wasn’t living with Cat anymore, after she meet Sam, Cat’s current roommate, and they became very good friends, as both had similar personalities, and Jade knows that Sam was taking good care of Cat.
  5. She does have a lot of funny moments.
  6. Jade and Tori do get karma, (once in a blue moon) like when they had to walk Festus home after destroying his car for The Wood.
  7. Elizabeth Gillies does a good job playing her.
  8. Victorious would most likely not be as good as it is without her.


  • Liz Gillies is best friends with Ariana Grande.
  • She returns for a spinoff episode in Sam & Cat and is (slightly) less rude.
  • The short film for "A Film by Dale Squires" implies Tori and Jade are lesbians.
    • In the episode "Tori and Jade's Play Date", while the titular duo was on that date, they were hit on by two guys they weren't in to, and ended up singing them a song called "Take a Hint", which basically seems like the song equivalent of "Sorry, But We're Gay". It's possibly implied the two guys courting Jade and Tori perceive them as a legitimate couple on a date, but obviously having few restraints still hit on them anyway.
      • While the credits were rolling, there was a shot of Liz Gillies about to kiss Victoria's face, while the latter was still dressed in drag.


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