Jacques and Josee (Total Drama: The Ridonculous Race)

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Jacques and Josee
Ice Dancers.png
"That gold is ours!"
Gender: Male (Jacques) and Female (Josee)
Type: Manipulative Glory-Hounding Cheaters
Age: 22 (Jacques) and 20 (Josee) (The Ridonculous Race)
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Scott McCord (Jacques) and Julie Lemieux (Josee)
Media of Origin: Total Drama
First Appearance: 'None Down, Eighteen To Go - Part One'
Last Appearance: 'A Million Ways To Love A Million Dollars'

Jacques and Josee (aka the Ice Dancers) are one of the teams in Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race. They served as the main antagonists of the season.

Why They Intentionally Don't Deserve Gold

  1. They have cheated more times in the race. This includes sabotaging the Sisters team in Sibera by punching Kitty's helmet light and taking her ball, and in Argentina where they grease up their emu after easily winning the first challenge.
  2. As mentioned above, there were other times that first place is not deserved in some cases. For example, they disguised one of the bunnies into an Albino to trick MacArthur, Brody, and Geoff, only to steal their bunnies. Heck, Don doesn't bother to look into their cheating.
  3. They tried to run over Dwayne in Zimbabwe after he pointed out that gold medals are not that important. The Dancers just got back from returning the lava rock and had to catch up on the day's challenge.
  4. Josee's abusive behavior throughout the race make Eva, Chris McLean, and Courtney saints in comparison.
  5. Despite MacArthur saving her life in "Bahamarama", she throws a coconut at her. She even shows no remorse for this.
  6. They can be annoying most of the time.
  7. Josee destroyed Don's "Chilly Billy" after losing the Arctic challenge to the Surfers.
  8. They stole Loki to make sure the Goths lose the challenge in Mexico.
  9. Josee's abuse towards Jacques makes her a terrible person.
  10. Josee destroyed Central Park in a fit of rage after being eliminated in the final 3. In real life, she would've been put in prison for property damage.
  11. Despite promising to be a better person after their elimination, Josee pushes an old lady into the fountain.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Due to being the main antagonists, they are clearly made to be hate-sinks.
  2. Scott McCord and Julie Lemieux did a great job voicing them.
  3. Jacques is more tamer than Josee in comparison.
  4. They do have their funny moments.
  5. They never planned for Owen's elimination in "The Ridonculous Race".
  6. Jacques stands up to Josee in "Bahamarama" by telling her how sabotaging the cadets almost got them eliminated. What makes it more satisfying is that Jacques pushes Josee in the water.
  7. They decide to become better people after their elimination.


  • The Ice Dancers have won more legs than any other team at 13.
  • The Ice Dancers also have more penalties at 3.
  • The only team to be directly eliminated because of them were the Goths (Crimson, Ennui, and Loki).



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