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    Jack and Jill Sadelstein
    Gender: Female
    Type: Obnoxiously Unlikable Duo
    Age: 45
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Adam Sandler
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Jack and Jill

    Jack and Jill Sadelstein are the main protagonists of the 2011 10-time Razzie Award-winning comedy film, Jack and Jill. They are a pair of fraternal twins that are both portrayed by Adam Sandler.

    Why They Got Destroyed By Pacino


    1. They are extremely unlikable, poorly-written, and insufferable protagonists.
    2. Adam Sandler does a terrible performance as both of them and it practically, and nearly, ruined his comedic career.
    3. They have many unfunny moments on-screen, whether they're together or not.
    4. Even when the film tries to make us sympathize with them, it's tough to due to them both being shown as either rude or unsympathetic.
      • Like when Jack keeps getting humiliated because of Jill being dumb, or when the bank forecloses on Jill's house and the now homeless Jill thought the Bills she had to pay were Junk Mail.

    Jack Sadelstein

    1. During the beginning of the film, he treats his sister horribly like we're supposed to feel bad for him when he's almost as unlikable as her.
    2. He's a bad influence on his own children.
    3. His personality is not much better than his sister's.
    4. He used his own sister to make her date Al Pacino just for a Dunkin' Donuts commercial.
    5. He's a poor representation of the stereotypical "mature twin/sibling" but he just comes off as loathsome.
    6. He's shown to be a real jerk (especially to his sister) throughout most of the movie and he can be quite aware of that.

    Jill Sadelstein

    1. Her voice is annoying, ear-piercing, and can easily (and quickly) get on your nerves. Especially since it sounds more like a flamboyant and effeminate version of Adam Sandler than a woman with a raspy voice.
    2. Some of her dialogue is ridiculous, like the infamously disgusting line, “I gotta go make some chocolate squirities!”.
    3. She's shown to be very selfish at times.
    4. Her appearance is very ugly and all you can see is just Adam Sandler in drag.
      • Especially at one point in the movie at the party where some guy looks under Jill's dress because he can't tell if she's a female.
    5. She treats her twin brother, Jack, horribly most of the time.
    6. She's very whiny and will lose her temper over the simplest things, as shown at the Thanksgiving dinner scene.
    7. Much similar to Bud and Doyle, she's extremely loud, obnoxious, goofy, flatulent, idiotic, and somewhat even childish.
    8. Her personality is very flat, undeveloped, and one-dimensional.

    Qualities That Got Recovered By Pacino

    Jack Sadelstein

    1. There were some times when he was right to yell at Jill such as when she was speaking loud in the cinema.
    2. He is sometimes nice to Jill.
    3. He is a very loving father and husband.
    4. At least he doesn't have a horrible voice. In fact, his voice is quite nice compared to Jill. (Whenever he's not yelling that is)
    5. Overall, he's far more tolerable and likable than Jill, and this is saying a lot.



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