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    Jace Connors
    The world's most useless "Marine".
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Jan Rankowski
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Deagle Nation

    Jace William Connors (a.k.a ParkourDude91 or in his fantasies, Jack Stryker) is the main protagonist of the Deagle Nation video series, portrayed by the creator of the series, Jan Rankowski. In the series, he is a narcissistic, delusional, Islamophobic, vlogger/gamer who is addicted to weed and claims that he's a former US Marine. He's best described as a childish joke who spends all of his times fantasizing, playing FPS games, and vlogging.

    He's said to be a NEET who lives on his mother's income and his social welfare.

    Why He Intentionally Is Useless

    1. Despite how ridiculous he is, Jace takes himself very seriously. He also has a short temper and is extremely stubborn, quick to attack anyone who tries to correct him.
      • This can be described as a "victim mentality" as Jace is said to feel personally attacked when people call him out and try to correct him.
    2. He claims to be an ex-US Marine, but he cannot even tell the difference between a clip and a magazine.
    3. Extremely Islamophobic, he considers all members of the religion terrorists and starts to get paranoid if an Arab so drives too close to him.
      • In his self-insert fan-fic Tiberius Rising, he devoted an entire chapter to torturing a Muslim and another chapter describing how the protagonist (a.k.a a Marty-Stu fantasized version of himself) hunts down Muslims.
    4. Speaking of Tiberius Rising, the best way to describe it is "CoD + Sonichu".
    5. Back in December 2014, Jace launched a short-lived but intense online campaign targeting Brianna Wu, by making large amounts of utterly preposterous call-out videos, hilarious plans to assassinate her and repeatedly tries to challenge Wu into a street race. The whole campaign was so absurd that Wu and most of her followers simply cannot take him seriously. But Wu, being the attention whore that she is, quickly leveraged everything she had against Jace and his gang, claiming that Jace is a legitimate threat to her well-being and that she intended to go to the police about this. Needless to say, the media was more than glad to jump on this narrative, and immediately tried to paint Jace as a "GamerGater" and the most dangerous thing on the Internet.
    6. He leads his own community "Deagle Nation" (named after the Desert Eagle which Jace has an obsession with), which is best described as an illegal street gang of edgy teens.
      • Deagle Nation also has its own forum designed by Jace himself, and it looks god-awful.
    7. He is also a massive weeaboo secretly; he bashes on anime as well whenever he gets the chance.
    8. Irony: He claims that anime is "gay s**t for little kids" but has slipped up to reveal he has been watching anime and playing anime dating games multiple times.


    1. Jace, ironically, is ineligible to join the Marines or own a firearm after having been charged with a felony DWI in exchange for no jail time.
    2. Trolls found a FurAffinity.net page that may belong to Jace. If this account was proven to be legitimate, this would make Jace a furry.
    3. Jace has had girlfriend(s) before but is currently single. By his own admission, he mainly sleeps with Juggalo sluts.
    4. Two of his most iconic possessions are the wraparound frame design sunglasses (which he is never seen without, and claims are his "trademark") and the stainless steel knife with "Semper Fidelis" (Latin for always faithful/loyal) written on it with a marker (Jace calls it "Vietnam War Serrated Bowie Knife and Molded Sheath" but it's most likely a cheap Chinese replicant).
    5. Some more of Jace's claims:
      • Parkour is a type of martial arts.
      • Being a "future Marine" is generally enough to get away with committing crimes.
      • Dual-wielding firearms is a very effective method used by elite professionals and soldiers.
      • The Desert Eagle is the US Armed Forces' standard issue tactical firearm. Actually, it was never used by any kind of law enforcement, armies or any kind of government agencies due to its monstrous recoil, unreliability, impracticality and being heavy. So, they decided to use Glock instead. The only users of this handgun are Polish JW GROM and the Portuguese Special Operations Group.
      • Soldiers in the army get to choose their own weapons and gear and are only permitted certain weapons based on their rank.
      • You can shoot and kill a police officer out of self-defense.
      • That FM radio transmitters can be used for brainwashing.
      • Believes that Nasheeds contain brainwashing binaural beats.
      • He's a master tuner (he drove a bone stock Toyota Corolla back when he made that claim).
      • You can be forced to join a certain religion by saying certain words or phrases, like an Islamic version of Dragon Shouts in Skyrim. This was made clear from his interactions with Team Gamerfood.
      • You can be baptized Catholic over the internet; after the above debacle, Jace converted himself from atheism to Catholicism after trolls let him know that it was the only way to denounce being a Muslim, partaking in an elaborate Internet baptism set up by these trolls.
      • Believes nearly every instance of violence in the US reported on the news was caused by Iraqi terrorists. These include the Aurora theatre shooting and the Sandy Hook shooting.
      • Believed the Government Shutdown on October 1, 2013, would mark the beginning of anarchy and violent collapse of society, and that he was "one of the few people truly prepared", referencing his imaginary combat skills. In reality, it was a budget issue that mostly affected national parks.
      • Snipers smoke weed to stabilize their aim.
      • Soldiers are issued with "modkits" on the field that allows them to upgrade their weapons in the field. In reality, soldiers have standard equipment, and gunsmiths are the ones who install modifications, and they seldom do that in the field due to the complex nature of the process.


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