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    Itsuki Kawasumi
    Despite him constantly spouting out justice speeches, he only cares about being seen as the perfect hero.
    Gender: Male
    Type: Egotistic Bow Hero
    Narcissistic Thrill-Seeker
    Age: Unknown
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Yoshitaka Yamaya (Japanese)
    Eric Scott Kimerer (English)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: The Rising of the Shield Hero

    Itsuki Kawasumi is a supporting character from The Rising of the Shield Hero franchise. On his way home from prep school, he was suddenly hit by a speeding truck with no warning. He later found himself summoned to another world as one of the four Legendary Heroes, The Bow Hero.

    Why He has a Massive Ego and is full of Himself

    1. Driven by a misguided principle of justice, as well as a superiority and hero complex, Itsuki's main ambition is to present himself as the ultimate hero. He wants to be the strongest of the heroes so that people to praise him. As such, Itsuki does not react well when others overshadow him.
    2. Because of his strong sense of justice, Itsuki believed that Naofumi was nothing more than guilty when he was accused of rape by Malty. Like the other heroes, he used this opportunity to make himself look better in front of everyone.
      • His constant spouting out justice speeches can on your nerves real quick that he gives Seryu Ubiquitous a run for her money.
    3. Like Motoyasu and Ren, Itsuki doesn't strive to be recognized as a hero since he is already one simply by virtue of being the chosen Hero of the Bow. However, what he wants is to be seen as the perfect hero so he displays traits and actions that would look heroic to others so he would be praised and thus feed his ego.
    4. He took down the king of a small kingdom because he was taxing the citizens too much. However, he didn't realize that the new government had to tax them just as much to fund the military to protect them against monsters. To add insult to injury, Itsuki's ego refused to let him acknowledge his mistake when Naofumi calls him out on that.
    5. It never occurred to him that trying to do heroics in secret would cause people to not recognize him and allow others to take credit for his actions and deeds.
    6. He shows the most shades of this when he's the first to accuse Naofumi of "cheating" just because he and his party is stronger than theirs despite him not having an actual weapon. It really just comes off as his fatal flaw showing itself again; he's simply too full of himself to admit that the guy with the Shield is doing better than he is.
    7. He frames Rishia for breaking an item of his and then has her kicked out of his party just because she had become an inconvenience. And then has the gall to claim he was just being cruel to be kind.
    8. Eric Scott Kimerer sounds very annoying, which fits with his ego personality.
    9. He blindly trusted Malty when she praises him as a hero, even after her deception was revealed to him and the rest of Melromarc. He is tricked by Malty into fighting on her behalf in tournaments in Zeltoble; believing he was raising money to help her stop Naofumi from abusing his slaves and extorting citizens for money.
      • To add insult to injury, Itsuki even trusted Mald, who at that point ditched Itsuki to avoid being arrested and is clearly using him to gain fame of his own.
      • This comes back to bite him when he gets betrayed by Malty and his own party and left to shoulder a mountain of debt he now owes.
    10. Under the influence of the Curse series, Itsuki wishes to make everyone in the world understand him and believe his version of justice, via brainwashing arrows, he goes completely off-kilter, trying to outright kill Naofumi from abusing his slaves and extorting citizens for money and later Rishia, when she said his stance on justice was utterly mistaken, ignoring what she said and saying that everyone and everything that goes against his beliefs to be evil.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. Yoshitaka Yamaya did a decent job voicing him.
    2. He is less annoying and perverted than either Motoyasu or Malty, though this isn't saying much.
    3. Despite his grudge against Naofumi, he and Ren came to his defense and called out Myne for her illegal interference in the duel between Naofumi and Motoyasu, even announced that Motoyasu was the real loser. Itsuki and Ren also begin to doubt Myne when she openly attacks without regard for Melty's safety.
    4. His gets his comeuppances during the Spirit Turtle incident, he loses everything as result of his arrogant belief he could kill the monster. His allies ditch him, his reputation is in the gutter like Ren and Motoyasu, and he finds himself used and thrown away by Malty.


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