Itchy Brother

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Itchy Brother
"Okay Big, I Dig"
Gender: Male
Species: Lion
Portrayed by: Allen Swift
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: 'The King and Odie'

Itchy Brother is a character from The King and Odie segments on the Underdog show, he was King Leonardo's evil brother who wants overthrow King Leonardo so he can take over Bongo Congo along with Biggie Rat, he is voiced by Allen Swift.

Bad Qualities

  1. His design is unappealing to look at, even for a lion.
  2. He can be pretty irritating at times.
  3. He makes a bad villain wannabe.
  4. There is no reason as to why Itchy Brother became a villain in the first place and joined forces with Biggie Rat.
  5. He is a big scatterbrain and doesn’t follow Biggie's orders correctly and keeps messing them up.
  6. The problem with his character is that he barley has any character development and was very poorly written.
  7. He feels like a watered down version of Pete Puma from Looney Tunes.
  8. He also acts very immature as well.

Good Qualities

  1. Allen Swift did a fine job voicing him.
  2. His stupidity can be funny at times.
  3. "Okay Big, I Dig!"


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