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    Itchy Brother
    His name doesn't lie; he truly is itchy!
    Gender: Male
    Type: Dimwitted Wannabe-Villain
    Species: Lion
    Portrayed by: Allen Swift
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Underdog (The King and Odie segments)

    Itchy Brother is a recurring antagonist from "The King and Odie" segments from the Total Television series Underdog. He is King Leonardo's evil brother who wants to overthrow King Leonardo so he can take over Bongo Congo along with Biggie Rat.

    He was voiced by the late Allen Swift, who also voiced Tom's Owner from the infamous Gene Deitch era of Tom and Jerry.

    Why He's Itchy

    1. His design is unappealing to look at, even for Total Television standards. A notable problem with this is his head, which looks wrinkly, flabby and appears to be shaved; it doesn't really help that his cheeks almost looks like a scrotum.
    2. There are moments where he can be pretty irritating at times. An example of this is whenever he annoys his partner Biggie with Itchy's levels of uselessness and idiocy.
    3. He is pretty much a poorly written "villain wannabe" type of antagonist. There is practically no reason as to why Itchy Brother even became a villain in the first place and why he joined forces with Biggie Rat.
    4. He has shown to be a scatterbrained moron that doesn't follow Biggie's orders correctly, which goes to the point that he keeps messing them up in a very repetitive manner because of his idiocy.
    5. The problem with his character is that he barely has any character development and was very poorly written as an antagonist.
    6. He feels like a completely watered-down version of Pete Puma from Looney Tunes, but without the likability and charm of said character.
    7. He also acts very immaturely as well, often because of his stupidity.
    8. He keeps coming up with a ton of annoying rhymes more often than not, which will most likely get on your last nerves.
    9. He even encourages the people of Bongo Congo to act like beatniks by being lazy and getting no work done. This means that he is practically encouraging everyone to indulge in laziness; which is also a bad message for kids.
    10. He usually begins his sentences with "Duhhh, Gee." way too many times unlike other dumb characters in fiction; while it may come off as funny the first time it's said, this can get annoying after a while, to the point that it's more irritating than amusing.
    11. On top of being very moronic, he is also a huge jerk to his brother King Leonardo when they were kids and he barely got scolded by his mother for tormenting Leonardo.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. Allen Swift did a decent job voicing him.
    2. His stupidity can be funny at times.
    3. One of his many lines, "Okay big, I dig!" is pretty hilarious.
    4. He usually does get punished for his actions at the end of each episode along with Biggie for trying to take over Bongo Congo.


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