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    Iona Hikawa (Happiness Charge Pretty Cure!)

    Iona Hikawa (Happiness Charge Pretty Cure!)
    "Don't even think about it! I was not helping you! It's your fault the world overrun by saiarks! I will never forgive you! Never!"- Iona to Hime right after the latter thanks her for saving her.
    Gender: Female
    Type: Cold-Hearted Bitch
    Makoto Kenzaki Done Wrong
    Age: 15
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Haruka Tomatsu
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Happiness Charge Pretty Cure!

    Hikawa Iona (氷川いおな Hikawa Iona) is one of the four main Cures in the series Happiness Charge Pretty Cure!. Her alter ego is Cure Fortune (キュアフォーチュン Kyua Fochun) and her form changes are Pine Arabian (パインアラビア Pain Arabia) and Anmitsu Komachi (あんみつこまち Anmitsu Komachi).

    Unfortunate Qualities

    1. In spite of losing her older sister Maria/Cure Tender to Precure Hunter/Phantom, it's quite hard to actually feel sorry for her due to her aloof, selfish, cold, dismissive attitude. Which fails to make a character cold after losing his/her loved ones.
    2. She's a rehash of Makoto Kenzaki from the previous season.
    3. She has a tendency to blame others for things that either aren't their fault or had little control of.
    4. She spends most of the series fighting monsters alone and refusing to join the Happiness Charge Pretty Cure, simply because Hime is with them.
    5. And speaking of Hime, she spends most of her interactions with her straight up bullying her for opening Axia, releasing the Phantom Empire, resulting in Maria's capture and the invasion of Blue Sky Kingdom. All while completely ignoring Hime's attempts to explain her motives for opening the box (she heard a saddened voice coming from it and was curious to see what was inside) and her desperate attempts to restore her Kingdom and save her people, all the while driving her to tears more than once, and ratting her out in front of Megumi and Yuko in hopes of turning them against her! The worst part? Due to her trying to follow her into battle, Maria's capture was actually (albeit unintentionally) her own fault! This is mentioned in FQ #2.
    6. Hypocrisy: The Soccer episode has her berate Hime and the other cures for the lack of teamwork, while refusing to help the cures restore the Blue Sky Kingdom and fighting alone herself.
    7. Episode 13 has her admit that she's stronger when fighting with Megumi/Cure Lovely, only for her to go back to her aloof and detached behavior by the end.
    8. She actually says that she wants the Cures to watch her back so she can focus on getting stronger, which suggests she's less interested in helping the others and more interested in them helping her.
    9. She was also blind and selfish to go after Phantom by herself, where she falls into his trap, winding up in a Pretty Cure Graveyard for all of the defeated Cures, where Phantom overwhelms her and manages to send her into despair.
      • On the side note, she gets bested by him twice and clearly underestimated him.
    10. She never gets punished or even called out for her treatment of Hime.

    Fortunate Qualities

    1. Her grudge against Hime is somewhat understandable, until you realize she continuously refuses to listen to Hime's side of the story, help the other cures, and straight-up tortures Hime with her mistake at any opportunity she has, which is all completely unjustified and unsympathetic.
    2. She does get her comeuppances after Phantom defeats her and destroys her PreCards, and he reveals the truth behind her sister's downfall, she's the reason Maria got captured, as she followed her into a fight between her and Phantom and Maria took a hit meant for her and was captured. This reveal causes her to get reduced to sort of a broken mess and mellows out quite considerably due to realizing the truth.
    3. Her voice actress, Haruka Tomatsu, who voiced Asuna from Sword Art Online does a good job voicing her.
    4. Once Hime gives Iona all of her earned Precards as apology for her actions, wanting to put Iona's wish before her own, she realizes it wasn't her fault for Maria's capture, but it was her own like the afore mentioned says. Instead of using it to save Maria, Iona decides to put her desire to save everyone and makes a wish to gain the power to protect her friends, regaining her powers and defeating Phantom.
    5. After actually listening to Hime on her reasons for opening Axia, she becomes overcome with remorse for the way she treated her and laments on not listening to her. She finally forgives and befriends her in episode 23, also being officially welcomed to the Pretty Cure team.
    6. Even before learning the truth about Hime opening Axia, she was still civil and kind towards other civilians.
    7. Her Pine Arabian and Anmitsu Komachi transformations are pretty cool.
    8. She happens to be the World's strongest Pretty Cure (at least in the Happiness Charge Universe).
    9. As with most Cures, she has a cute design.
    10. She becomes somehow more tolerable in ep 22 and onwards, after getting her new transformation item and becoming closer friends with Hime. She also accepts her failures and learn from her mistakes, deciding to become a better person and Cure.


    • Iona usually says "Transformation complete!" every time she uses a PreCard.
    • Iona, along with the other Happiness Charge Cures, appeared as Cure Fortune to give a special 10th Anniversary Congratulatory Message commemorating the 500th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise.
    • While one of Fortune's form changes is based on Japanese dance, the other, Pine Arabian, mirrors the distorted take on the Middle Eastern folk dance "Belly dance" by modern non-Middle Eastern people.
    • The outfit Iona wears in the movie is the same she is seen wearing briefly in the opening.


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