Infinite (Sonic Forces)

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Infinite (Sonic Forces)


Gender: Male
Type: Weak, depthless and uninvolved villain
Species: Jackal
Portrayed by: Takashi Kondō (Japanese)
Liam O' Brien (English)
Status: Unknown
Media of Origin: Sonic Forces

"I don't know, you kinda went down like a bitch. Also, you may not be weak, but you sure have either a major ego or huge self-esteem issues if you let something Shadow said get to your head that easily."
Charriii5 about Infinite, Everything Wrong With Sonic Forces in 32 Minutes

Infinite (AKA Infinite the Jackal) is one of the major villains in Sonic Forces. He's the former leader of the Jackal Squad and the Eggman Empire's best enforcer, with the power of bending reality via the gem on his chest, the infamous Phantom Ruby.

Why He's Weak

  1. His motives for being evil are the textbook definition of idiotic: Instead of something like willing to avenge his friends from the Jackal Squad, he only works with Dr. Eggman to prove to everyone that "he's not weak" after getting his butt kicked by Shadow and being called "worthless" and "pathetic" by the hedgehog.
  2. Despite being one of the main antagonists, he's extremely underused, with very few screentime and only 3 bossfights (one of which are a copy of Metal Sonic's, by the way).
  3. Not unlike Boom Shadow, his personality revolves around being one-dimensionally edgy and arrogant. Also, his boastful dialogue can get old real quick.
    • For this reason, they are both considered to be the Sonic franchise's edgelords.
  4. His claims of being so powerful are easily disavowed, considering that Sonic doesn't even need the Chaos Emeralds to thrash him and that the Avatar of all characters can also defeat him. Granted, he would have a harder time if he didn't get ahold of the Phantom Ruby prototype prior, but still.
  5. He doesn't do much with his reality manipulation aside from creating a few harmful cubes and virtual projections of villains from the past (like Chaos and Zavok).
  6. Sometimes, his anger takeouts don't make sense. Why is he targeting Sonic if Shadow was the one to humiliate him?
  7. Idiot move: After knocking Sonic out of the giant snake in his first bossfight, he has the perfect opportunity to end him, but doesn't because Sonic is "not even worth the effort to finish off".
  8. Idiot move nº 2: In the final moments of the game, he creates an artificial sun to scorch all of the Resistance to a crisp, but it would DEFINITELY affect him and Eggman as well in the process.
  9. After his last bossfight, he says he can still fight, but instead of doing so, he just... scrams.
  10. He apparently lacks self-respect, since he sticks with Eggman's side until the end despite being superior to him.
  11. For all the aforementioned reasons, he's deemed as one of Sonic Forces' many dissappointments.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. His design is pretty neat.
  2. Liam O' Brien does a nice job voicing him.
  3. As usual, his theme song is a banger (despite its misleading lyrics).
  4. He had plenty of potential to be a better character, which earned him some fans who want to see him make a return.
  5. The gaps in his backstory are filled by the "Rise of Infinite" comic and kind of helped to at least give him some layers.
  6. He has some cool moments in the game, like when he and the other villains beat Sonic to a pulp or when he alters reality in the Capital City stage.
    • And by "tactical retreat" you mean to say, "flee with our tails between our legs." I'm quite displeased about this, Doctor.



  • In two pieces of concept art, Infinite would have a prehensile tail, which was scrapped for unknown reasons.
  • Jokingly, according to the third Sonic Twitter Takeover, he collects or has some Sonadow memorabilia.
  • As seen in "Rise of Infinite", he has heterochromia, making him the second character in the series with this trait (along with the G.U.N. commander from Shadow the Hedgehog).


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