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    Iguilda (As Aventuras de Gui & Estopa)

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    Iguilda is one of the characters of the 2008 Brazilian film and cartoon series As Aventuras de Gui & Estopa.

    Similar to Róquete, she was a new character introduced in the show (despite being appeared in an old animated comic in her classic form once). She first appeared in the episode "Video Game".

    Por que ela é uma merda (Why She Sucks)

    1. Just like the other mothers in the show, her design is extremely lazy, as she is basically a tall version of her son with female clothes, lipstick, and hair.
    2. Her name is very unoriginal, as it almost sounds like her son's name.
    3. Her voice is really annoying, sounding very snotty and nasal.
    4. She is often portrayed as a Butt-Monkey character to her own son and is never seen punishing him for his bratty actions.
    5. She can also be considered the reason why Gui misbehaves and is immature, as shown in the episode "Nerdson" where she practically pampers Gui to the point of carrying out her son's order after he asks to be served milk from a bottle in bed, similar to Doña Florinda.
    6. On occasion, she acts like a jerk to her own son like in her debut episode, "Video Game", where after a frightened Gui talks about seeing a brain-eating zombie, she replies to him, "It looks like someone ate your brain."
    7. She is also very irresponsible about taking care of Gui since she practically lets him travel alone to other countries without anyone to take care of him as shown with many episodes like "Japão", "Tchú Tchá", "Cuecas Conforto" and "As Encomendas".
    8. She is also a very poorly written character. For example: where is her husband and why is he never mentioned in the show?
    9. Her ideas for educating her son are not very good, with a good example being in the episode "Escola em Casa", where Gui asks her not to go to school anymore because he wants to start studying at home and she accepts that as long as he studied with Nerdson and his mother.

    Qualidades redentoras (Redeeming Qualities)

    1. In the episode "Mãe Maneira", she is portrayed as a good mother towards Gui.
    2. Her voice in the Spanish dub sounds good and is a massive improvement over the original, as it sounds like a normal woman and doesn't sound like a nasal voice.
    3. Iguilda is very beautiful and attractive.


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