Iggy (Hey Arnold!: post Season 3)

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Iggy (Hey Arnold!: post Season 3)
It's a shame cause he looked cool but sadly, he's garbage for Arnold to betray him.
Gender: Male
Age: 9-10
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Joseph Ashton
Sam Gifaldi
Tress MacNeille
Justin Shenkarow
Marcus Toji
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: Hey Arnold!

Iggy is a character from the Nickelodeon series Hey Arnold!. His main appearance is in the infamous episode "Arnold Betrays Iggy." While he was a good character in the first 2 seasons, he was sadly flanderized since Season 3.

Bad Qualities

  1. Let´s get the elephant out of the room, Arnold betrays Iggy.
    • He returns even after the negative reception of the episode without feeling bad for humiliating Arnold.
  2. When Arnold found out that he was wearing bunny pajamas, Iggy begs Arnold not to tell anyone, but when Sid and Stinky correctly guess that he was wearing bunny pajamas, they found out that it was true that Iggy wears bunny pajamas, they decide to tell everyone in the school that Iggy wears bunny pajamas, which made him very furious at Arnold, thinking that he told Sid and Stinky, when really they pulled the truth out of him.
  3. He didn't forgive Arnold for a whole year.
  4. Not only that, he also has a hard time letting go of the past.
  5. Arnold offered him some chocolates to apologize, but Iggy does not forgive him and takes the chocolates anyway.
  6. Arnold also did his chores for him for a whole week and still does not forgive him.
  7. In order for him to forgive Arnold, Arnold must wear his bunny pajamas in public in front of his friends, the news, and even his grandfather.
  8. Due to this, he wasn't used for that long.

Good Qualities

  1. He was a much more tolerable character in the first 2 seasons much like Sid.
  2. He got his comeuppance in Gerald's Game.
  3. He may have been a jerk in the episode, but his actions were actually kind of reasonable. If you had an embarrassing secret the got out to the public, wouldn't you get mad?
  4. He felt remorse in the end and tried to apologize.