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    Ice Cube (TPOT 1-4)
    Gender: Female
    Type: The Dark Side of Ice Cube
    Age: Unknown
    Species: Ice Cube
    Portrayed by: Cary Huang (BFDI)
    MaximumPower2002 (BFDIA)
    Satomi Hinatsu (BFB 1, BFB 13-TPOT 2) Kenzie Bryant (BFB 2-12, TPOT 5+)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Battle for Dream Island
    First appearance: BFDI 1a: Take the Plunge


    Ice Cube is a contestant in Battle for Dream Island. She is voiced by Cary Huang/Satomi Hinatsu/Kenzie Bryant.

    Why People Want Revenge On Her

    1. She primarily uses recycled lines, which gets really annoying and repetitive.
    2. She left Book in TPOT 1 to go join another team, and while Book was a jerk in BFB, she had clearly redeemed herself at that point but her former friends were still mean to her.
      • This is really saddening because Book and Ice Cube were a great duo.
    3. Her voice is flat-out annoying to listen to.
    4. She does basically nothing significant the entire time she's on screen.
    5. Her and Book haven't had a single interaction since TPOT 1, which is sad because these two really need to become friends again.
    6. She's completely lost her cuteness here and is just frustrating and annoying.
    7. She's gotten literally no character development, in fact she's gotten her character derailed more than anything.
    8. Some people literally theorized she could be a robot because of how many lines she's reused.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. After TPOT 4, she began getting new lines which gave her more personality.
    2. She has a few funny moments here and there.
    3. Her voice by Cary Huang, Satomi Hinatsu, and Kenzie Bryant can be considered cute.
    4. Her design is pretty cute as well.
    5. She was much better in BFB, occasionally getting new lines and actually showing at least a crumb of personality.


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