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    "The time has come to shuffle off your mortal coil... Tremble now at the sight of my power. That of Nohr's greatest tactician. The dread mage Iago!"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Cowardly Sorcerer
    Manipulative Minion
    The Dread Mage
    Age: Unknown
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Akinori Egoshi (Japanese)
    Walden James (English)
    Status: Deceased
    Media of origin: Fire Emblem Fates

    Iago is a major character in Fire Emblem Fates. He acts as the secondary antagonist in the Birthright and Conquest routes and as a minor antagonist in the Revelation route. Iago is Nohr's tactician and is viewed as a shadow of Garon.

    Always eager to get into King Garon's good favor, Iago sycophantically agrees with each and every one of his opinions, even if they may be morally unsound. He excels at witchcraft and employs foul play and manipulation in his schemes to bend others to his will.

    Why He's a Cowardly Sorcerer and a Shallow Villain

    1. For starters, Iago is a bland and shallow villain with nothing at all to like about him and he is despised for having his motives undermine the Grey-and-Gray Morality that the developers were aiming for.
    2. He has absolutely no motivations or aspirations in the story that propel his actions, which isn't exactly good writing considering his massive role as an antagonist in both routes of Fates.
    3. He is an unpleasant fellow who has made it his life to make Corrin miserable because either Garon ordered him to or he never liked them.
    4. His plans fail more often than not and his magic isn't as good as he'd like to think. Thus, allies and enemies alike have no fear or respect for him to the point they'll tell him so to his face. Even Garon mocks him for being a pathetic pawn.
    5. Scheming from the shadows, he is all too proud of the misery he provides to Corrin. He speaks only to Garon with respect and only out of fear, and even sees his own allies as pawns.
    6. Iago has done so many cowardly and irredeemable things that it causes you to hate him with a lot of passion. For example in Birthright:
      • He manipulates the Hoshidan army into killing several members of the Wind Tribe by using his magic to disguise them as Faceless and then taunts them afterwards.
      • He causes the Wolfskin to fight the Hoshdians by planting a magical land mine, which detonates and killing one of the Wolfskins, forcing Corrin and the Hoshidians to fight and kill them in self-defense.
      • He attacks the Hoshidians at Palace Macarath, but is defeated in battle and he proceeds to mock Corrin, telling them that there is a "traitor" operating within their ranks.
      • He traps the Hoshidians inside Fort Dragonfall, as with Garon's help, he brings the dragon to life and summons a horde of Faceless just to speed up their deaths.
      • He made Xander and Leo fight Corrin and then possesses Takumi, who used him to figure out their location throughout the war and then forces Corrin to kill him or let Takumi kill Azura, all while smugly gloating about it.
    7. In Conquest, he has a bigger role, more screen time and he's a bigger threat than Garon is. Also, Garon explicitly orders Iago not to kill Corrin, but to make them suffer. Iago complies, gleefully. Thus, you are forced to put up with him the entire game.
      • He summons a group of Faceless in an attempt to kill Corrin at the Woods of the Forlorn, but fails thanks to Xander sending backup to help Corrin.
      • He rats out Corrin to Garon that they did not stop the rebellion by themselves and received help, nearly causing them to get executed, before Xander and Elise offers themselves in their place, but Garon allows the incident to pass.
      • He tries to force Corrin to kill the Rainbow Sage, which fails because the Sage takes his own life instead, annoying Iago.
      • He warned Ryoma and the Hoshidan army of the Nohrians' location at Palace Macarath, hoping he would ambush them.
      • He summons a large horde of Faceless to ambush the Nohrians at the Eternal Stairway and gets Lilith killed in the process.
      • He, along with Hans, kill all of the Hoshidan prisoners of war who surrendered with, also killing several Hoshidan civilians as they go into the capital city.
      • He indirectly caused Ryoma's death, as he suggested to Garon that he force Corrin to kill him, which causes Corrin to hesitate and Ryoma to take his own life by committing seppuku.
    8. Idiot Move: After finding out that Corrin spared Hinoka, he attempts to kill them in front of the entire Nohrian siblings. Xander, alongside the Nohrian royal siblings, decides they've had enough of him and his cowardly tactics, decides to kill Iago, along with Hans to protect their foster sibling's life rather than face the wrath of Garon, who cannot protect him anymore.
      • Despite proclaiming himself to be a smart and brilliant tactician, attempting to kill Corrin in front of their siblings is a death sentence.
      • He practically sealed his own fate the moment he attacked Corrin. He would have won had it not been for his ego.
    9. He is a dirty coward, as he pathetically begs for his life after he tried to kill Corrin and their friends. His pleas falls on dead ears and he is executed by Leo in two of the three paths.
    10. He'd work far better as a minor villain to be dealt with early on or at the half way point, rather than as a major villain with screen time lasting nearly the entire game, where in the first two routes, he's killed off in the last quarter of the game. This was fixed in Revelation.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. Thankfully, he plays a much smaller role in the Revelation route, where he hardly appears and doesn't cause much trouble for Corrin and he is killed off much earlier here than in the first two routes.
    2. Fighting Iago in all three routes is very satisfying after what he put you through in the game.
      • In Birthright, having Takumi land the killing blow on Iago is well-deserved karma.
      • In Conquest, using Corrin to fight Iago is also catharsis after dealing with him for essentially the entire game.
      • Also, Leo killing Iago in two of three routes is awesome since he hates him the most out of all the characters.
    3. His outfit and designs are really cool.
    4. He has become a much better character in Fire Emblem Warriors, as his inclusion has earned him fans thanks to being used the best out of all three of the returning villains, and as well being more entertaining of an enemy to face off there than in Fates.


    • Iago's Japanese name, マクベス Makubesu, is shared with Macbeth, a boss from Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War.
    • He's named after Iago from Othello, who also hates the main character of said play and plots to make his life as miserable as possible.


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